USAF Patch Cmd USAFE b 10 ACCS Airborne Command Control Squadron x Polo Hat aa


USAF Patch USAFE 10 ACCS Airborne Command And Control Squadron USEUCOM Exercise Polo Hat 1974 RAF Mildenhall Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 101mm four inches diameter Free shipping

USAF 10 ACCS Squadron Patch USAFE Airborne And Control Polo

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USAF 10 ACCS Sqn Patch USAFE 10 ACCS Airborne Command And Control Squadron USEUCOM Exercise Polo Hat 1974 RAF Mildenhall Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 101mm four inches diameter

USAF 10 ACCS Sqn Patch USAFE Command Control Squadron

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Squadron History USAF 10 ACCS Sqn

US European Command USEUCOM was established on 1 August 1952 to provide the US with a national command within the 1949 formed NATO and to provide a unified command and authority over all US Air Force US Army and US Navy forces in Europe to control the build up of forces required for a common defense against the Soviet Union. From 1950 to 1953 United States military personnel in Europe grew from 120000 to over 400000.

Headquarters EUCOM initially shared the IG Farben Building in Frankfurt Germany with Headquarters US Army Europe before relocating to Camp des Loges west of Paris close to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SHAPE in 1954. EUCOM prepared plans for the defense of Western Europe within the NATO framework against the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. EUCOM implemented the Military Assistance Program to help its
NATO partners build their military capabilities.

EUCOM assumed responsibility for command and control of American nuclear forces and in 1961 began Operation Silk Purse the US airborne nuclear command and control mission including a battle staff team headed by a SAC General as the Airborne Emergency Action Officer AEAO ready to assume nuclear retaliation authority should European Command EUCOM Center be destroyed or rendered inoperative. 7120 Airborne Command and Control Squadron ACCS was activated in 1960 at Chateauroux Deols Air Base France equipped with C 118 aircraft to carry out the Silk Purse missions. The Squadron kept a US Commander In Chief Airborne Command Post USCINCEUR ABNCP aircraft airborne in case war broke out 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year carrying a full battle staff support crew and SAC General with the authority and capability to initiate retaliatory nuclear strikes from surviving ground based nuclear weapons. The Squadrons mission included providing and regular testing vital communications links with SAC Strategic Air Command weapon and communication installations.

7120 ACCS relocated to RAF Mildenhall in November 1965 and converted to EC 135H Silk Purse aircraft. The Squadron was redesignated 10 Airborne Command and Control Squadron in 1970. The aircraft based at RAF Mildenhall flew a varied flight plans to Southern England Scotland or swap with another ABNCP from Lajes Field Azores and carried out air to air and air to ground communications tests air to air refuelling and training exercises. Flights were made to Rota AB Spain for the aircraft to be washed down.

10 ACCS participated in the world wide National Emergency Airborne Command Post NEACP exercise Rebound Echo on 5 April 1974 coinciding with President Richard M Nixons visit to France for funeral of President Georges Pompidou. The Squadron also took part exercise Polo Hat 74 2 in April 1974.

10 ACCS Silk Purse missions relocated to Lajes Field Azores in the summer of 1984 and following the end of the Cold War Silk Purse was inactivated in August 1991.

This patch dates from the 1980s.