RCAF Patch Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force 435 Squadron Escadrille

RCAF Patch 435 Transport Squadron Escadrille Royal Canadian Air Force Crest Patch Early 1980s C 130 Hercules CFB Namao Emb on felt cut edge 109mm by 75mm four and one quarter by two and nine sixteenth inches.

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RCAF Patch 435 Transport Squadron Escadrille Royal Canadian Air Force Crest Patch Queens Crown Early 1980s C 130 Hercules CFB Namao Embroidered on felt cut edge 109mm by 75mm four and one quarter inches by two and nine sixteenth inches.

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Squadron History

435 Transport Squadron Chinthe activated at RCAF Station Edmonton Alberta on 1 August 1946 from the Edmonton detachment of 164 Transport Squadron with Dakota transport aircraft for transport duty over western Canada and support for parachute training at the Canadian Joint Air
Training Centre at RCAF Station Rivers Manitoba. The squadron received C 119 Flying Boxcar aircraft in 1952 and relocated a few miles north to RCAF Station Namao in 1955. From November 1956 to January 1957 the Squadron airlifted members of the United Nations Emergency Force from Italy to Egypt. 

The Squadron re-equipped with the C 130B Hercules in 1960 for tactical and strategic transport and during 1962 1963 ferried 137 CF-104 aircraft from Canada to Europe during the conversion of 1 Air Division Europe Squadrons from Sabre to CF 104 Starfighter aircraft. 435 Squadron upgraded to the C 130E Hercules aircraft in 1966. From 1973 to 1992 the newer H model Hercules were purchased to supplement the older E models in the fleet. The Squadron relocated to CFB Winnipeg 17 Wing in the summer of 1994 and redesignated 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron.

435 Transport and Rescue Squadrons airlift missions include re-supply of Canadian Forces Station Alert on Ellesmere Island in the high Arctic and missions across the country and around the world. 435 Squadron has been a major contributor to the Campaign Against Terrorism with many Squadron personnel deploying overseas to Camp Mirage in the Arabian Gulf region to conduct airlift activities in support of deployed Canadian and Allied forces.

435 TRS received CC 130H Tanker aircraft in 1992 to support of fighter operations with the provision of tactical fighter air to air refueling. 435 Squadron deployed a CC 130H Hercules tanker detachment to Kuwait as part of Operation Southern Watch in 1998 and during Op Allied Force the NATO air campaign in 1999 in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia the Squadron deployed with CF 18 Hornet fighter bombers from Canada to Aviano Air Base Italy. Since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on North America 435 Squadron provided air to air refuelling missions in support of Op Noble Eagle NORADs on going internal air defence operation.

The Squadron along with the 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron provides primary search and rescue response for The Trenton Search and Rescue Region the largest search and rescue region in Canada covering the US Border to the North Pole and Quebec to the Rocky Mountains controlled from CFB Trenton. A Squadron CC 130E Hercules aircraft permanently equipped and dedicated for search and rescue missions is kept on constant readyness to deploy with airborne Search and Rescue Technicians SAR Techs on stand by to respond. 


This patch dates from the early 1980s.