USAF Sticker Patch Ftr USAFE 527 TFTAS Tac Fighter Squadron F5
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USAF Sticker Patch Ftr USAFE 527 TFTAS Tac Fighter Squadron F5

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USAF Sticker Patch Decal Zap USAFE 527 TFTAS Tactical Fighter Training Aggressor Squadron RAF Alconbury UK F 5 Tiger II Freedom Fighter 1980 By Bill Brooks UK 108mm by 84mm four and one quarter inches by three and one quarter inches.

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Squadron History´╗┐´╗┐

527 Fighter Squadron Single Engine was reactivated on 20 August 1946 at Nordholz Airbase Germany equipped with P 47 Thunderbolts. In June 1948 the Squadron relocated to Neubiberg Air Base Munich in response to the Berlin Blockade by the Soviet Union. On 20 January the Squadron was redesignated 527 Fighter Bomber Squadron and re-equipped with F 84 E Thunderjets tasked with air defense of the Munich area. The Squadron moved to Landstuhl Air Base West Germany on 1 August 1952 and reequipped with the F 86 F Sabre Jet in 1953. The Squadron was renamed 527 Fighter Day Squadron on 8 October 1954 and received F 86 D Sabre missile armed all weather fighters for Air Defence of the Central European region. The Squadron inactivated on 8 February 1956.

The Squadron reactivated as 527 Tactical Fighter Training and Aggressor Squadron on 1 April 1976 assigned to 10 Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at RAF Alconbury England equipped with F 5E Tiger II fighters to provide aggressor training support to USAFE combat units for air combat with Eastern bloc adversaries using Dissimilar Air Combat Training DACT with the first DACT course commencing in October 1976. The aggressor F 5 Es were camouflaged and flown to mimic Warsaw Pact aircraft and tactics and as well as USAFE training the Squadrons aircraft were deployed to NATO airfields to train NATO Air Forces in Soviet and Warsaw Pact combat tactics.

The Squadron was redesignated 527 Aggressor Squadron on 15 April 1983. In June 1988 10 Tactical Reconnaissance Wing was retasked for Close Air Support CAS and renamed 10 Tactical Fighter Wing receiving A 10 Thunderbolt Squadrons from 81 TFW with 509 Tactical Fighter Squadron transferring in on 1 June 1988 and 511 transferring in on 1 September 1988. In return 527 Aggressor Squadron was transferred from RAF Alconbury to 81 TFW at RAF Bentwaters on 14 July 1988 leaving their F 5Es at RAF Alconbury and reequipped with F 16 Cs at RAF Bentwaters. Following pilot conversion the Squadron resumed their aggressor role with the first F 16 DACT course in November 1988. The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in the entire USAF aggressor program being terminated and 527 AS was inactivated on 30 September 1990 as the only UK based F 16 Squadron.

The Squadron was reactivated on 29 September 2000 as 527 Space Aggressor Squadron at at Schriever AFB Colorado assigned to Space Warfare Center Air Force Space Command. On 14 April 2006 the Squadron was reassigned to 57 Adversary Tactics Group of the 57 Wing under Air Combat Command.


This patch dates from the 1980s.








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