USAF Sticker Patch Airlift USAFE 313 TAG Tac Gp RAF Mildenhall
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USAF Sticker Patch Airlift USAFE 313 TAG Tac Gp RAF Mildenhall

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USAF Sticker Patch Decal Zap USAFE 313 Tactical Airlift Group TAG MAC Aerial Port RAF Mildenhall 1978 Fully embroidered cut edge 83mm by 86mm three and one quarter inches by three and three eighth inches.

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313 Tactical Airlift Group was activated at RAF Mildenhall England on 15 September 1978 assigned to 322 Airlift Division to manage Military Airlift Command activities at the base as the Aerial Port to handle C 5 Galaxy and C 141 Starlifter flights to and from the United States with 313 Aerial Port Squadron operating the terminal and 313 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron providing maintenance support.

313 TAG hosted MACs Bravo Squadron at RAF Mildenhall which operated 16 C 130E and H Hercules transport aircraft on temporary duties TDY rotation from USAF units based in the United States.

313 TAG was the main staging base for the C 130 aircraft flow to Southwest Asia for Operation Desert Shield the Group was assigned responsibility for all C 130 intra theatre airlift from August 1990 with C 130 maintenance reassigned to 313 CAMS when all MAC flightline maintenance was consolidated under 313 CAMS.

313 TAG was inactivated on 1 February 1992 as part of the inactivation of MAC with its mission taken over by USAFE when 100 Air Refuelling Wing was activated and took over as host unit of RAF Mildenhall from 306 Strategic Wing.


This patch dates from 1978.








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