USAF Patch Test Aircraft 422 FWS Fighter Weapons Squadron OT&E
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USAF Patch Test Aircraft 422 FWS Fighter Weapons Squadron OT&E

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USAF Patch 422 FWS Fighter Weapons Squadron Operational Test and Evaluation OT&E Aircraft And Weapons Nellis AFB 1979 Embroidered on twill cut edge 71mm by 73mm three and thirteen sixteenth inches by three and seven eighth inches.

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422 Fighter Weapons Squadron FWS was activated 15 October 1969 at Nellis AFB assigned to 57 Fighter Weapons Wing on the redesignation of 4539 Fighter Weapons Squadron tasked with providing combat evaluation and operational testing of new USAF aircraft entering the inventory after Developmental Testing DT was completed at Edwards AFB or Eglin AFB initially continuing with the F 111 Aardvark. The Squadron is also responsible for the development and testing of new tactics to employ weapons systems for combat operations and to counter emerging threats from weapons systems development by others as intelligence becomes available. 

The Squadron established separate Divisions for each aircraft type under test and evaluation which includes the aircraft hardware engines software and weapons upgrades prior to release of the aircraft or modification to operational units.  

F 111 Division was established in 1969 with OT&E continuing until 1977 when F 111 testing was relocated to McClellan AFB Ca the prime support depot for the F 111 with changes and modifications made and tested by newly created Detachment 3 57 Fighter Weapons Wing. 

F 4E Phantom Division was set up in 1971 and was inactivated in 1985. 

A 7D Division was activated in 1972 and operated until 1975. 

A 10A Division was established in 1977 and conducted extensive evaluation of Close Air Support tactics for use in urban war zones and to expand night CAS capabilities with programs continuing. 

F 15 Division was activated in 1977 as F 15A Division becoming F 15C Division in 1982 with major studies on night air superiority and night composite force tactics including development and evaluated of Night Vision Goggle tactics for the F 15C Eagle and remains active. 

F 16 Division was established 1980 as F 16A Division and F 16C Division in 1985. Evaluated Night Vision Goggle NVG for various mission types including night Combat Search And Rescue CSAR and in 1997 evaluated and dropped the first live Joint Direct Attack Munition JDAM. The F 16C Division remains active. 

F 4G Wild Weasel Division was activated in 1993 and deactivated in 1995. 

HH 60G Division was established in 1995 and evaluated day and night defensive system capabilities and cabin configuration and improved aircraft and crew survivability in combat. The HH 60G Division remains active. 

F 22 Division was activated in 2004 for testing and evaluation of the F 22A Raptor with programs continuing. 

C 2 Division was established in 2008 and remains active. 

F 35 Division was established in September 2013 for testing and evaluation of the F 35A Lightning II. 

The Squadrons Advanced Programs Branch conducts important foreign materiel exploitation projects and has provided support to the F 22 Raptor B 2 Spirit and F 117 Nighthawk programs. 

422 FWS was redesignated 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron TES on 30 December 1981 and was reassigned to 53 Wing Eglin AFB on 1 October 1996 when all testing was brought under a single wing with 422 TES absorbing all test management advanced programs and test support of 57 Test Group. 


This patch dates from 1979.








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