USAF Patch Spec Ops USAFE 352 SOG Special Ops t CV 22 Tail 51
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USAF Patch Spec Ops USAFE 352 SOG Special Ops t CV 22 Tail 51

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USAF Patch USAFE 352 SOG Special Operation Group SOAMXS Aircraft Maintenance Squadron CV 22B Osprey Tail 51 Black Odds 2017 RAF Mildenhall Velcro Fully embroidered cut edge 100mm by 88mm three and fifteen sixteenth inches by three and one half inches.

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352 Special Operations Group SOG was activated in December 1992 at RAF Alconbury to replace 39 Special Operations Wing SOW tasked with the provision of assets to conduct infiltration exfiltration and resupply of US and allied special operations forces and Combat Search And Rescue CSAR. The groups flying component comprised 7 SOS with MC 130H Combat Talon II 21 Special Operations Squadron with MH 53 Pave Low CSAR helicopters and 67 SOS with MC 130P Combat Shadow aircraft supported by 321 STS Special Tactics Squadron which a fast reaction rapidly deployable expert force of combat controllers pararescuemen and weathermen capable of establishing and providing positive control of the air to ground interface during special operations or conventional missions which had been activated under 39 SOW on 31 March 1992.

39 SOWs 352 SOMS Special Operations Maintenance Squadron activated on 1 October 1992 to replace the inactivating 667 SOMS continued to provide all organizational maintenance on the MC 130H MC 130P and MH 53 Pave Low aircraft assigned to 7 21 and 67 SOS. 39 SOW inactivated 39 SOCS Special Operations Communications Squadron and activated 352 Special Operations Support Squadron on 1 October 1992 which continued under 325 SOG to provide base and deployed support for the two flying squadrons the special tactics squadron and the maintenance squadron with intelligence communications security medical force protection weather information technologies support to 21 SOS 67 SOS 321 STS and 352 SOMS.

352 SOG deployed elements to Turkey in support of Operation Provide Comfort II. During the 1990s 352 SOG supported numerous humanitarian and combat operations in Europe Africa and Southwest Asia including Operations Provide Promise Deny Flight and Allied Force in Yugoslavia and Provide Comfort and Northern Watch over northern Iraq. In February 1995 352 SOG relocated to RAF Mildenhall.

352 SOG deployed elements to Hoedspruit AFB South Africa for Operation Atlas Response USEUCOMs humanitarian aid operation following severe flooding in Mozambique in March 2000. In 2002 352 SOG took part in Operation Autumn Return the evacuation of American citizens from Abidjan Cote dIvoire and has been regularly called upon to support special operations for OIF OEF and OEF as well as other overseas contingency operations. 21 SOS was inactivated 31 October 2007 leaving 352 SOG with 7 SOS with MC 130H Combat Talon II 67 SOS with MC 130P Combat Shadows. 352 SOMS Special Operations Maintenance Squadron provided all organizational maintenance on the MC 130H and MC 130P aircraft assigned to 7 and 67 SOS.

7 SOS reactivated on 24 June 2013 at RAF Mildenhall equipped with CV 22B Osprey fixed wing tilt rotor transport aircraft to provide the vertical lift aircraft element for 352 Special Operations Group for all weather low level penetration of denied territory for infiltration exfiltration resupply or fire support for air ground and naval forces. The Group deployed elements for operations in Ukraine Poland Lithuania Estonia Libya and other countries in Europe Southwest Asia and Africa.

352 SOG was upgraded to Wing status and redesignated 352 Special Operations Wing on 23 March 2015 with 752nd Special Operations Group activated to be responsible for planning and executing specialized and contingency operations using advanced aircraft tactics and air refueling techniques to infiltrate exfiltrate and resupply special operations forces. 352 SOMG Special Operations Maintenance Group was activated to control 352 SOMS redesignated as 352 SOMXS which was retasked to provide all organizational and intermediate level maintenance on 7 SOSs fleet of CV 22B Osprey aircraft and newly activated 352 SOAMXS Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron which provides all organizational and intermediate level maintenance for 67 SOSs fleet of MC 130J Commando IIs.



This patch dates from 2017. Crew Chief CV 22B Tail 51 named Black Odds.








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