USAF Patch Reserve Rescue 939 ARRG Aerospace Recovery Group a

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USAF Patch Reserve 939 ARRG Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group CSAR 1986 HH 3E Jolly Green Giant HH 1N Huey HC 130 Combat King Portland ARS Oregon Velcro Fully embroidered cut edge 74mm by 73mm three and seven eighth inches by three and seven eighth inches.

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939 ARRG Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group was activated in the Reserves at Portland International Airport on 1 April 1985 to command and support 304 ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron equipped with HC 130 Hercules aircraft and HH 1 Twin Huey helicopters which had relocated from March AFB. HH 3E Jolly Green Giant helicopters were received in 1986 and 301 and 305 ARRS joined the group on 1 October 1987. 939 ARRG was upgraded to Wing status and redesignated 939 Air Rescue Wing on 1 April 1990 then to 939 Rescue Wing on 1 February 1992 before being retasked for air refueling and redesignated 939 Air Refueling Wing on 1 April 2003.


This patch dates from 1986.









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