USAF Patch Rescue Vietnam 38 ARRS Aerospace Recovery Jolly Green
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USAF Patch Rescue Vietnam 38 ARRS Aerospace Recovery Jolly Green

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USAF Patch 38 ARRS Aerospace Rescue Recovery Squadron Jolly Green Giant Big Nose CSAR 1970 Tan Son Nhut AB Vietnam HH 3 Japanese Made Embroidered on twill cut edge 102mm by 63mm four inches by two and one half inches.

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38 Air Rescue Squadron activated in 1952 at Misawa Air Base Japan as part of 3 Air Rescue Group to conducted search rescue, and recovery in Japan and adjacent waters including supporting operations in Korea and adjacent waters from 1952 1953 and disbanded in 1957.

38 Air Rescue Squadron was reactivated on 30 June 1965 at Tan Son Nhut AB South Vietnam to control 14 Search and Rescue detachments operating from air bases in South Vietnam and Thailand. The detachments operated HH 34 Huskie helicopters with a number of HH 3 Jolly Green Giant helicopters used 1965 66 and carried out Combat Search And Rescue for aircrew downed over North Vietnam as well as assisting US Army and USMC units loosing crew KIA wounded and POW and receiving awards including the Medal Of Honor.

The Squadron was redesignated 38 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron ARRS in 1966. Four detachments were disbanded during 1970 and with the drawdown from Vietnam progressing 38 ARRS was disbanded on 1 July 1971 with its remaining Detachments becoming part of 3 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group ARRGp.

38 ARRS reactivated in 1978 as part of 39 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing ARRW at Homestead Air Force Base Florida with UH 1 Iroquois and CH 3 providing light lift and heavy lift helicopter operations east of the Mississippi River.

In 1981 the Squadron relocated to Osan Air Base South Korea under 41 Rescue and Weather Reconnaissance Wing with CH 3 conducting rescue helicopter operations in South Korea and adjacent waters. The Squadron was re-designated 38 Air Rescue Squadron in 1989 and moved to Air Rescue Service. 38 ARS received and HH 60 Pave Hawk helicopters in 1990 and became part of 51 Fighter Wing in 1993. The Squadron was renamed 38 Rescue Flight in 1994 and was inactivated on 15 Feb 1996.

38 Rescue Squadron RQS was activated on 1 May 2001 at Moody Air Force Base Georgia under 347 Rescue Group as a Pararescue Squadron to train equip and deploy combat ready pararescue personnel to separate flying squadrons worldwide in support of US national security interests and NASA. The Squadrons Pararescuemen provide contact treatment and extraction for survivors during combat rescue operations and uses various fixed and rotary wing insertion and extraction equipment and are trained to employ any means available to provide combat and humanitarian search rescue and medical assistance in all environments. 38 RQS began a rotational deployment of personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006 in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Squadron operations in the US and Afghanistan featured in National Geographic Channels Inside Combat Rescue TV series in 2013.


This patch dates from 1970.








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