USAF Patch Recon S 5 RS Reconnaissance Squadron U2 Pilot
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USAF Patch Recon S 5 RS Reconnaissance Squadron U2 Pilot

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USAF Patch PAC 5 RS Reconnaissance Squadron Dragon Lady Pilot Patch Osan AB Korea 1990s Fully embroidered cut edge 85mm three and three eighth inches diameter.

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Squadron History  

5 Strategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron was activated on 1 July 1986 at Beale AFB equipped with U 2 Dragon Lady High Altitude Reconnaissance and T 38 Talon aircraft assigned to 9 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing tasked with the recruitment screening and training U 2 pilots. The Squadron also undertook operational missions around the world. With the retirement of the SR 71 Blackbird from active service in 1990 U 2 pilot training was assigned to 1 Reconnaissance Squadron with 5 SRTS inactivated on 30 June 1990. 

The Squadron was reactivated as 5 Reconnaissance Squadron RS on 1 October 1994 at Osan AB Korea equipped with U 2R Dragon Lady on the upgrading and redesignation of Detachment 2 9 Reconnaissance Wing The Blackcats to carry out classified high altitude reconnaissance missions over Korea and the Far East. 5 RS was assigned to 9 Operations Group 9 Reconnaissance Wing based at Beale AFB CA. In 1995 the Squadron was the first to receive the new U 2S model Dragon Lady becoming fully operational on 20 October 1995.  

This patch dates from the 1990s.








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