USAF Patch Intel d 6975 ESS Electronic Security Squadron Riyadh
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USAF Patch Intel d 6975 ESS Electronic Security Squadron Riyadh

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USAF Patch Intel USAFE 6975 ESS Electronic Security Squadron 1991 RC 135 Riyadh Air Base Saudi Arabia Embroidered on twill cut edge 74mm by 65mm two and fifteen sixteenth inches by two and seven sixteenth inches.

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Squadron History´╗┐´╗┐

6975 Electronic Security Squadron ESS was activated on 10 November 1990 at Riyadh Air Base Saudi Arabia with TDY rotated personnel tasked with the collection analysis and reporting of electronic signals intelligence SIGINT Iraqi command and control communications countermeasures weapons systems and target acquisition with the provision of specialist intelligence language and cryptographic backenders known as ravens and crows operating a variety of optical and electronic sensors on board RC 135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft. The Squadron relocated to Prince Sultan Air Base Al Kharj in March 1991 with the RC 135 Rivet Joint aircraft.

The Squadron was inactivated on 1 October 1993 on its redesignation to 6975 Intelligence Squadron Provisional IS P becoming 4416 IS P in December 1995 and 12 Expeditionary Intelligence Squadron on 1 December 1998.


This patch dates from 1991.








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