USAF Patch Intel d 6948 SSM Security Squadron Mobile
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USAF Patch Intel d 6948 SSM Security Squadron Mobile

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USAF Patch Intel CONUS 6948 SSM Security Squadron Mobile 1963 Electronic Intelligence Goodfellow AB Embroidered on twill cut edge 88mm by 78mm three and one half inches by three and one sixteenth inches.

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Squadron History


6948 Security Squadron Mobile SSM was activated at Goodfellow AFB Texas on 1 July 1963 under USAF Security Command assigned to 6940 Security Wing as an Emergency Reaction Unit to quickly deploy fully trained electronic intelligence cryptographers linguists and security assets worldwide on Temporary Duty TDY tactical support where needed to reinforce local units during raised tensions and alerts with personnel deployed to Europe Middle East Caribbean Alaska Japan Korea Vietnam South East Asia and the Balkans. The Squadron provided personnel tasked with the collection analysis and reporting of signals intelligence SIGINT about foreign command and control communications countermeasures weapons systems and target acquisition with RC 135 reconnaissance aircraft.


The Squadron relocated to Kelly AFB on 1 August 1973 and was reassigned to 6955 Security Group on 1 July 1974 then to USAFSS on 15 May 1975. 6948 SSM was redesignated 6948 Electronic Security Squadron ESS and was reassigned to Electronic Security Command on 1 August 1979. The Squadron was reassigned to 695 Electronic Security Wing on 3 October 1988 then to Continental Electronic Security Division on 1 January 1991 before reassignment to 693 Intelligence Wing on 1 October 1991.


6948 ESS was redesignated as 48 Intelligence Squadron on 1 October 1993.



This patch dates from 1963.








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