USAF Patch Intel USAFE 2112 Info Sys Sq RAF Chicksands SIGINT
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USAF Patch Intel USAFE 2112 Info Sys Sq RAF Chicksands SIGINT

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USAF Patch USAFE 2112 Info Sys Sq Information Systems Squadron SIGINT Intelligence RAF Chicksands England Cold War 1984 Embroidered on twill cut edge 78mm by 67mm three and one sixteenth inches by two and five eighth inches.

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2112 Communications Squadron was activated at RAF Chicksands England on 1 February 1979 assigned to European Communications Area to manage operate and maintain all command control communications computer systems and satellite services and equipment in support of 693 Electronic Security Wing 6950 ESG Electronic Security Group 7274 ABG Air Base Group and the Department of Defence Joint Operations Center Chicksands DODJOC.

The Squadron was reassigned to 2147 Communications Group on 1 January 1980. 2112 Comm Sq was redesignated 2112 Information Systems Squadron on 1 October 1984 with 2147 Comm Wing renamed 2147 Information Systems Group. 2147 ISG was upgraded to Wing status and redesignated 2147 Information Systems Wing on 4 January 1985. 2112 Info Sys Sq was redesignated 2112 Communications Squadron with 2147 ISW was renamed 2147 Communications Wing on 1 November 1986. The Squadron was inactivated in 1991 with RAF Chicksands handed back to British Forces in 1997. 

This patch dates from 1984.








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