USAF Patch Fighter b 49 FIS Interceptor Squadron T 33 T Bird a
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USAF Patch Fighter b 49 FIS Interceptor Squadron T 33 T Bird a

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USAF Patch 49 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron T 33 T Bird Shooting Star 1975 Griffiss AFB NY Embroidered on twill cut edge 110mm by 93mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and eleven sixteenth inches.

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Squadron History´╗┐´╗┐

49 Fighter Squadron was reactivated as 49 Fighter Squadron Jet Propelled on 20 November 1946 at Dow Field Maine and equipped with P 47 Thunderbolts under 14 Fighter Group Air Defense Command. F 84B Thunderjets were added to the fleet in 1947 and the Squadron was renamed 49 Fighter Squadron Jet on 26 Jul 1948. The Squadron was inactivated on 2 October 1949 due to budget reductions.

The Squadron reactivated as 49 Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 1 November 1952 at Dow AFB Maine with F 80C Shooting Stars and T 33 Shooting Stars under 4711 Air Defense Wing tasked with day fighter interception. The Squadron received F 86F Sabres and lost its T 33s in 1953 upgrading to F 86D Sabre Interceptors in 1954. 49 FIS moved to Hanscom AFB MA in 1955 under 4707 Air Defense Wing and in October 1956 reequipped with F 86L Sabre Sage Interceptors. The Squadron got back a number of T 33 Shooting Stars and was assigned to 32 Air Division in 1956 assigning to Boston Air Defense Sector in 1958 and 4727 Air Defense Group in 1959.

49 FIS relocated to Griffiss AFB NY assigned to Syracuse Air Defense Sector in October 1959 reequipping with F 101B Voodoo supersonic interceptor and F 101F fully combat capable two seat operational and conversion trainer and retaining its T 33 Shooting Star training aircraft. The Squadron was reassigned to Boston Air Defense Sector in 1963 and 35th Air Division in 1966.

The Squadron received F 106 Delta Darts in 1968 again retaining its T 33 Shooting Star aircraft and was reassigned to 21 Air Division in 1969 and 24 Air Division in 1983. 49 Fighter Interceptor Squadron was initially programmed to receive F 15 Eagles but was inactivated on 30 September 1987 as the last active USAF F 106 unit.

The Squadron was reactivated as 49 Flying Training Squadron on 25 June 1990 at Columbus AFB MI with T 38 Talons under 14 Flying Training Wing providing undergraduate pilot training. 49 FTS was inactivated on 18 September 1992.

49 FTS was reactivated on 1 July 1993 at Moody AFB Georgia with AT 38 Talons assigned to 14 Flying Training Wing and then to 479 Flying Training Group in 2000. The Squadron was redesignated 49 Fighter Training Squadron on 19 May 2003 and returned to Columbus AFB MI under 14 Flying Training Wing in 2007.

This patch dates from 1975.









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