USAF Patch Fighter USAFE 22 u FS Ftr Squadron g F 15 Eagle 1991
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USAF Patch Fighter USAFE 22 u FS Ftr Squadron g F 15 Eagle 1991

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USAF Patch USAFE 22 FS Fighter Squadron Flight Suit Patch F 15 Eagle 36 FW Bitburg AB West Germany 1991 Subdued Fully embroidered merrowed edge 76mm by 76mm three inches by three inches.

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Squadron History´╗┐´╗┐

22 Fighter Squadron was reactivated on 15 October 1946 under 36 Fighter Group Caribbean Air Command in the Canal Zone with P 47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft resuming its pre war mission of defense of the Panama Canal. The Squadron upgraded to F 80 Shooting Star jet aircraft in December 1947. As a result of the Berlin Blockade and other Cold War tensions in Europe the squadron relocated to Furstenfeldbruck AB Germany with 36 Fighter Group reassigned to United States Air Forces in Europe in August 1948. The Squadron became part of the third F 80 jet group assigned to USAFE and carried out air defense tactical exercises maneuvers and photographic reconnaissance. The Squadron reequipped with F 84 E Thunderjets and was redesignated 22 Fighter Bomber Squadron on 20 January 1950 and moved to Bitburg AB Germany on 28 October 1952.

22 FBS transitioned to F 86 F Sabre in August 1953 received F 100 Super Sabre in 1956 marking the first time a wing in USAFE flew supersonic jets. The squadron was redesignated 22 Tactical Fighter Squadron 36 Tactical Fighter Wing on 8 July 1958 with delivery of tactical nuclear weapons added to its tasks. The Squadron received F 105 Thunderchief aircraft in May 1961 and during the 1961 Berlin Wall crisis and 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis rose to a very high level of alert with its tactical nuclear weapons. 22 TFS transitioned to F 4 Phantom II in 1966.

The squadron requipped with F 15A Eagle aircraft in April 1976 upgrading to F 15Cs and F 15Ds in 1980. The Squadron deployed for Operation Desert Shield 1990 and engaged in combat operations during Operation Desert Storm returning to Bitburg AB on 13 March 1991. 22 TFS was redesignated 22 Fighter Squadron 36 Fighter Wing on 1 October 1991.

With the closure of Bitburg Air Base the Squadrons F 15s were transferred to RAF Lakenheath England in the spring of 1994 and 22 FS relocated to Spangdahlem Air Base Germany under 52 Operations Wing on 1 April 1994 taking over 480 Fighter Squadrons F 16 aircraft to carry out Wild Weasel suppression of enemy air defenses SEAD tasking. The Squadron deployed for Operation Northern Watch in January 1999 engaging Iraqi radars with 12 HARMs while protecting coalition assets during heightened tensions with Iraq. Returning to Spangdahlem AB in May 1999 the Squadron flew combat missions into northern Yugoslavia protecting F 117 Stealth and B 2 Bombers striking key military targets in and around Belgrade in support of Operation Allied Force firing 202 HARMs at Serbian Air Defence radars as well as employing 16 MK 84s on key military targets while providing air superiority. From December 2000 to March 2001 22 FS was assigned to Air Expeditionary Force 9 regularly carrying out combat missions in support of Operations Northern and Southern Watch.

Following the 11 September 2001 attacks 22 FS provided fighter escort to C 17 aircraft over Afghanistan during humanitarian relief missions. In January 2003 the Squadron deployed as 22 Expeditionary Fighter Squadron to Southwest Asia flying combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom playing a key role during the 27 day air war with Wild Weasel mission destroying Iraqi radar sites.

In April 2010 the Squadrons F 16s were flown from Spangdahlem to the 148 Fighter Wing Minnesota Air National Guard with 22 and 23 Fighter Squadrons inactivated at Spangdahlem on 13 August 2010 amalgamating to form the reactivated 480 Fighter Squadron. 


This patch dates from 1991.








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