USAF Patch Fighter 415 u FS Fighter Squadron F 117 Nighthawk
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USAF Patch Fighter 415 u FS Fighter Squadron F 117 Nighthawk

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USAF Patch 415 FS Fighter Squadron Nightstalkers F 117 Stealth Fighter Holloman AFB 1991 Fully embroidered cut edge 94mm by 76mm three and three quarter inches by three inches.

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Squadron History

415 Tactical Fighter Squadron was activated on 5 October 1989 at Tonopah Test Range Airport Nevada with F 117A Nighthawk stealth fighter on the renaming of 4450 Tactical Squadron one of the F 117 development Squadrons of 4450 Tactical Group which was redesignated 37 Tactical Fighter Wing at the same time to become the operational wing for the F 117.

The Squadron carried out combat bombing missions on 19 December 1989 for Operation Just Cause the invasion of Panama and deployed to King Khalid International Airport Saudi Arabia on 19 August 1990 for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The F 117s initiated the air war against Iraq on 17 January 1991 with attacks on critical strategic Iraqi command and control installations R and D centres and Hardened Aircraft Shelters on Iraqi airfields obliterated many hardened targets with unprecedented precision while being concealed and undetected.

The Squadron returned to Tonopah in early April 1991 and in July 1991 the F 117 Squadrons were relocated from Tonopah to Holloman AFB New Mexico and reassigned to the 49 Tactical Fighter Wing. Along with most fighter units the Squadron was redesignated 415 Fighter Squadron on 1 October 1991 with 49 TFW becoming 49 Fighter Wing. 415 FS deployed to Gilze Rijen Air Base in the Netherlands as part of Coronet Havoc from 8 June to 7 July 1993 and while there on 30 June 1993 415 FS was inactivated on being redesignated 9 Tactical Fighter Squadron.



This patch dates from 1991 21 Month designation.









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