USAF Patch Comms USAFE 2130 CG Communications Group AUTODIN
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USAF Patch Comms USAFE 2130 CG Communications Group AUTODIN

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USAF Patch USAFE 2130 CG Communications Group AUTODIN Switching Center RAF Croughton Patch 1970 Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 103mm four and one eighth inches diameter.

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2130 Communications Group was activated in 1971 at RAF Croughton on the redesignation of 2130 Communications Squadron under Air Force Communication Command to controlled USAF communication resources in the UK and Iceland. The AUTODIN Switching Center ASC linked Air Force bases material areas depots and other authorized agencies into a single communications network to provide speedy and reliable logistics traffic for spares parts and other materials required for operations via multimedia terminals which provided for both IBM punched card and teletype data entry. Since 1980 AUTODIN Switching Centers have been replaced by various hardware software combinations.

2130 CG was inactivated in 1980 with the activation of 2147 Communications Group at RAF Mildenhall and the realignment of many squadrons detachments and Operating Locations in the UK. Several communications missions remained located at RAF Croughton including the Defense Communications System and Global Command and Control Radio System under 2168 Communications Squadron at RAF Upper Heyford.

2130 Communications Squadron was reactivated on 1 July 1983 to manage the communications missions at RAF Croughton. With the Giant Talk station at RAF Croughton began operations in December 1985 the increased missions led to the reactivation of 2130 Communications Group on the redesignation of 2130 Communications Squadron.

With the reduction of forces with the end of the Cold War 2130 Communication Group was redesignated to the 630 Communications Squadron in 1993.





This patch dates from 1970.








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