USAF Patch Cmd PAC 313 Air Division 1st Quick Reaction MF
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USAF Patch Cmd PAC 313 Air Division 1st Quick Reaction MF

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USAF Patch PAC 313 Air Division 1st Quick Reaction Mobile Force Patch 1960s Kadina AB Okinawa uniform removed Local Made embroidered on twill cut edge 87mm by 60mm three and one half by two and three eighth inches.

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313 Air Division was activated on 1 March 1955 at Kadena Air Base Okinawa as part of Far East Air Forces 5 Air Force responsible for the air defense of the Ryukyu Islands command and control of USAF units assigned to Okinawa and host unit support for units assigned to Kadena AB. In addition the Division supported 5 Air Force in the development planning and coordination of requirements for future Air Force operations in the Ryukyu Islands and tactical operations in the Far East. 313 AD maintained assigned forces at the highest degree of combat readiness supporting numerous PACAF exercises such as Cope Thunder Cope Diamond Team Spirit and Cope North.

The 313th was inactivated on 1 October 1991 with assets incorporated into the new 18 Composite Wing as part of a general drawdown of USAF forces in the Pacific after the end of the Cold War. 

This patch dates from the 1960s.

Tom Sullivan has confirmed that this patch was issued to those who graduated from the 313 Air Divisions training school at Bishagawa Okinawa. The first team members were awarded the shoulder patch in 1968. Tom was one of the first to get one. Thanks again for the information Tom








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