USAF Patch Bomb SAC Strategic Air Command v 3904 MES SAC MET
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USAF Patch Bomb SAC Strategic Air Command v 3904 MES SAC MET

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USAF Patch SAC Strategic Air Command 3904 MES Management Engineering Squadron SAC MET Team Nuclear Strike Force 1978 Fully embroidered cut edge 91mm by 77mm three and five eighth inches by three inches.

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3904 Management Engineering Squadron Strategic Air Command SAC provided technical guidance direction assistance to SAC Base Commanders in identifying manpower requirements for the effective and efficient accomplishment of its mission. 3904 MES SAC based at Offutt AFB Nebraska established twenty five Management Engineering Team MET Detachments on MAJCOM bases around the US each with one or two Management Engineering Officers MEO and up to eight Management Engineering Technician MET supported by a number of civilian staff to carry out required studies and recommendations.

The Squadron was inactivated in 1992 when the Air Force Manpower Engineering Agency took over the field management engineering teams that had been assigned to USAFs Major Commands and reorganized them on a functional basis before replacing the teams with numbered squadrons and flights in 2004.



This patch dates from 1978.








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