USAF Patch Bomb 814 Combat Support Group CSG SAC B 52
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USAF Patch Bomb 814 Combat Support Group CSG SAC B 52

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USAF Patch Bomb CONUS 814 Combat Support Group CSG SAC 1959 B 52 Stratofortress Westover AFB Embroidered on twill cut edge 123mm by 76mm four and seven eighth inches by three inches.

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814 Air Base Group was activated at Fairchild AFB by Strategic Air Command assigned to Eighth Air Force on 8 August 1952 to provide base support to the SAC bomber reconnaissance and air refuelling units located there under 92 and 98 Bomb Wings. 814 ABG included 814 Air Police Squadron to provide security 814 Operations Squadron to provide operational support 814 Installations Squadron to provide and maintain accommodation buildings and infrastructure at the base 814 Motor Vehicle Squadron providing and maintain transportation vehicles 814 Supply Squadron providing and keeping available necessary supplies for the operation of the Base and 814 Food Services Squadron providing food provision for personnel at the Base.

814 Air Base Group relocated to Westover AFB and reassigned to 57 Air Division on 4 September 1956 814 ABG moved without personnel and equipment taking over those of the inactivating 4050 Air Base Group which had previously been responsible as base host. The Group redesignated its  Squadrons to 814 with 814 Air Police Squadron 814 Operations Squadron 814 Installations Squadron 814 Motor Vehicle Squadron 814 Supply Squadron and 814 Food Services Squadron.

814 Motor Vehicle Squadron was redesignated 814 Transportation Squadron on 8 October 1956 in line with the redesignation of all Motor Vehicle Squadrons by USAF.

814 Air Base Group was redesignated 814 Combat Support Group on 1 June 1959 in line with SACs requirement to rename all SAC Air Base Groups to Combat Support Groups. At the same time 814 Air Police Squadron was redesignated 814 Combat Defence Squadron on 1 June 1959 in line with SACs requirement to rename all SAC Air Police Squadrons to Combat Defense Squadrons.

814 Installations Squadron was redesignated 814 Civil Engineering Squadron on 1 July 1960 in line with the redesignation of all Installations Squadrons by USAF.

814 Combat Defense Squadron was redesignated 814 Security Police Squadron on 2 July 1967.

814 Combat Support Group was inactivated with its Squadrons on 2 January 1968 when its mission was taken over by 99 Combat Support Group.


This patch dates from 1959.








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