USAF Patch Airlift c 513 TCW AFW Troop Carrier Wg Assault Scroll
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USAF Patch Airlift c 513 TCW AFW Troop Carrier Wg Assault Scroll

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USAF Patch 513 TCW AFW Troop Carrier Wing Assault Fixed Wing Scroll 1955 Sewart AFB C 119 Flying Boxcar Fully embroidered cut edge 16mm by 101mm five eighths of an inch by four inches.

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Wing History 

513 Troop Carrier Group Special was activated on 19 November 1948 at Rhein Main AB Germany equipped with C 54 Skytrain transport aircraft assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe to transport food coal and other supplies to Berlin during Operation Vittles the Berlin airlift. 513 TCGS was inactivated on 16 October 1949. 

513 Troop Carrier Group Assault Fixed Wing was reactivated on 8 November 1955 at Sewart AFB equipped with C 119 Flying Boxcar transport aircraft assigned to Tactical Air Command. The Group reequipped with C 123 Provider aircraft in 1956 and participated in tactical exercises operations troop drops and airlift in support of construction of the Distant Early Warning DEW Line stations in the American Arctic before inactivating on 8 October 1957.  

513 Troop Carrier Wing was reactivated on 15 April 1966 at Evreux Fauville Air Base France assigned to USAFE to facilitate the removal of USAF assets in France under project Red Richard following the French announcement withdrawal from NATOs integrated military structure and demanding the removal of NATO forces from the country with 513 TCW relocating to RAF Mildenhall in July 1966. The Wing assumed operational control of 7441 Troop Carrier Squadron Provisional and 7442 Troop Carrier Squadron Provisional composed of deployed US based Military Airlift Command MAC C 130 Hercules Squadrons rotating TDY to provided intra theater airlift in support of US Air Forces in Europe European Command and NATO operations and exercises. The Wing also maintained operational control of 7120 ACCS EC 135s airborne command posts Silk Purse Operations and acted as host organization for US units at RAF Mildenhall. 7441 Troop Carrier Squadron Provisional was inactivated on 1 March 1967 and 7442 Troop Carrier Squadron Provisional was inactivated on 1 June 1967 with the MAC C 130 TDY rotational aircraft from US based Squadrons operating as attached to 513 TCW or as Squadron Detachments.  

The Wing was redesignated 513 Tactical Airlift Wing on 1 July 1967. The wing was assigned control of Air Force Reserve C 124 Globemaster II aircraft deployed from US based 904 918 921 938 and 914 Tactical Airlift Groups rotating TDY in July 1968 to assist with the intra theater airlift support. 513 TAWS C 124 Air Force Reserve operations concluded in May 1969. 513 TAWs 7120 ACCS was redesignated 10 Airborne Command and Control Squadron in 1970.  

Responsibility for the MAC C 130 rotating Detachments was reassigned from 513 TAW to 435 Tactical Airlift Group in January 1976 with 513 TAW continuing its command and control Silk Purse operations with 10 ACCS and providing base support.  

513 TAW was redesignated 513 Airborne Command and Control Wing 513 ACCW on 18 June 1987 with responsibility for the E 3 Sentry AWACS aircraft at RAF Mildenhall and was inactivated on 31 January 1992 with its RAF Mildenhall base role assigned to newly activated 100 Air Refueling Wing.  

513 Air Control Group was activated at Tinker AFB Oklahoma on 15 March 1996 equipped with E 3 Sentry AWACS as part of the Reserve participating in worldwide contingency operations and counter drug missions.  


This patch dates from 1955.








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