USAF Patch Airlift USAFE b 38 ASP Delta Sq Ramstein ANG RES C130
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USAF Patch Airlift USAFE b 38 ASP Delta Sq Ramstein ANG RES C130

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USAF Patch USAFE 38 AS Airlift Squadron Provisional Delta Sqn ANG AFRES 1994 C 130 Hercules Deployed Ramstein AB West Germany Velcro Fully embroidered merrowed edge 89mm three and one half inches diameter.

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38 Airlift Squadron Provisional ASP also known as Delta Squadron was activated at RAF Mildenhall England made up of US based USAF Air National Guard ANG and Air Force Reserve AFRES C 130 Hercules Squadrons rotational temporary duties TDY deployments to provide extra airlift capability to reduce the strain on the active duty Squadrons undertaking intra theater airlift in support of US Air Forces in Europe European Command and NATO operations and exercises. The Squadron relocated to Rhein Main Germany in 1990 and moved to Ramstein AB Germany in 1994 assigned to 86 Airlift Wing and became heavily involved with airlift operations in response to the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and resulting civil wars. The Squadron has also deployed to Africa to provide support for NASA Shuttle missions and to the Middle East for the repatriation of a deceased serviceman.

38 ASP Delta Squadron deployed for Operation Joint Forge in the Balkans with two Air National Guard ANG and four Air Force Reserve AFRES C 130 Hercules operated with three C 130s from active duty Squadrons deployed for 3 month TDYs with 50 Airlift Squadron deployed as 38 ASP Delta Squadron for Operation Allied Force 26 May to 26 July 1999. ANG and AFRES personnel undertake half of the missions. Reservists from 302 Airlift Wing from Peterson AFB Colorado were called to active duty with Delta Squadron commencing 1 October 2001 operating with 37 AS until 1 April 2002. 

38 ASP was converted to provisional status and under the Expeditionary Air Forces concept redesignated 38 Expeditionary Airlift Squadron on 3 September 2002 assigned to 86 AW to be activated at any time for ANG and AFRES airlift assets undertaking expeditionary duties during which 86 AW would be renamed 86 Expeditionary Airlift Wing.  

38 EAS was activated with four aircraft in December 2002 to continue support for Operation Joint Forge in Bosnia Herzegovina while other 86 AW resources prepared for Iraqi Freedom. 38 EAS carried out its first Op Iraqi Freedom mission from Constanta Romania, on 11 March 2003 and with the air assault commenced on 20 March 38 EAS was expanded to ten aircraft on 27 March 2003. 38 EAS relocated to Souda Bay Crete with its first mission into Iraq taking US Marines to Erbil to seal off the Iraq Syrian border returning to Constanta Romania on 3 May 2003 rejoining 37 AS for operations to Kirkuk Iraq until 24 May 2003 with its last OIF mission on 10 July 2003. 

38 EAS was activated in March 2007 with one C 130 mission to Tripoli Libya to recover and repatriate the remains of 72 US Forces dependants from cemetery of the old USAF Wheelus Air Base. 38 EAS was again activated on 27 June 2008 for airlift missions to provide extra airlift capability to reduce the strain on the active duty Squadrons for Operation Enterprise in the Balkans and support for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan and Africa. The Squadron provided aircraft for events celebrating the 65 anniversary of D Day in Normandy France. The last TDY with three crews and two C 130 aircraft deployed from 910 Airlift Wing of Youngstown Air Reserve Station Ohio supporting Ramsteins commitments to US European Command AFRICOM and USAFE before 38 EAS was inactivated on 15 September 2010. 


This patch dates from 1994.








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