USAF Patch Airlift 6486 Air Base Wing PACAF Hickam AFB Hawaii
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USAF Patch Airlift 6486 Air Base Wing PACAF Hickam AFB Hawaii

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USAF Patch 6486 Air Base Wing Pacific Air Forces PACAF 1960 Hickam AFB Hawaii Fully embroidered cut edge 110mm by 98mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and seven eighth inches.

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Wing History 

6486 Air Base Wing was activated at Hickam AFB Hawaii on 1 April 1955 on the renumbering of 1500 Air Base Wing when Hickam AFB was transferred from Pacific Division MATS to Far East Air Force FEAF tasked with support to all units assigned attached or transient through Hickam Air Force Base.

Far East Air Forces was redesignated Pacific Air Forces PACAF and transferred its headquarters from Japan to Hickam AFB on 1 July 1957 with 6486 ABW adding support for Pacific Air Forces Base Command.

6486 ABG supported the continued USAF deployments to Korea and Taiwan atomic testing projects by the Atomic Energy Commission at Johnston Island flights by the NASA astronauts and support for transient aircraft to and from Southeast Asia for military operations in Vietnam.

6486 Air Base Wing was inactivated on 1 November 1971 when 15 Air Base Wing was activated and assumed its personnel equipment mission and duties.

This patch dates from 1960.








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