USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE c 457 Operations Group Iraq Ops
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USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE c 457 Operations Group Iraq Ops

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USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE 457 Operations Group Patch 1993 Aviano AB Italy Incirlik AB Turkey KC 135 Fully embroidered cut edge 90mm by 93mm three and nine sixteenth inches by three and five eighth inches.

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Squadron History´╗┐´╗┐ 

457 Operations Group was activated 1 July 1993 as an operational component of the 19 Air Refueling Wing from Altus AFB based at Aviano AB Italy and Incirlik AB Turkey to operate the KC 135R Stratotanker equipped 11 Air Refueling Squadron and 306 Air Refueling Squadron supporting Operations Northern Watch and Southern Watch over Southwest Asia as the lead tanker unit. 457 OG was inactivated on 1 October 1994. 

The Group reactivated as 457 Air Expeditionary Group in 2003 to support B 52 Stratofortresses operations from their forward deployed location of RAF Fairford England with B 52Hs assets from 23 Bomb Squadron deployed from Minot AFB and USAF Reserve 917 Wing deployed from Barksdale AFB. 457 AEG inactivated following the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom active combat operations. 

This patch dates from 1993.








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