USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE c 100 ARW RAF Mildenhall
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USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE c 100 ARW RAF Mildenhall

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USAF Patch Air Refueling USAFE 100 ARW Air Refueling Wing RAF Mildenhall Crest 1990s KC 135 Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 120mm by 88mm four and three quarter inches by three and seven sixteenth inches.

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100 Air Refuelling Wing was reactivated at RAF Mildenhall on 1 February 1992 equipped with KC 135R Stratotanker aircraft assigned to Third Air Force as USAFE sole air refuelling Wing and became RAF Mildenhalls host wing with the inactivation of 513 Airborne Command and Control Wing. 100 Air Refuelling Wing took responsibility for managing European Tanker Task Force ETTF and its forward operating locations Zaragoza AB Spain ZAB Riyadh AB Saudi Arabia Keflavik AB Iceland Hellenikon AB Greece Lajes Field Azores and Sigonella NAS Italy with its ability to utilise its own KC 135R Stratotanker aircraft  from 351 Air Refuelling Squadron as well as rotating TDY air refuelling units from the US and took over as RAF Mildenhall host Wing from 306 Strategic Wing when inactivated on 1 March 1992.

100 ARW with ETTF continued to support operations both for the US and for North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO. 100 ARW increased its permanent KC 135 force from nine to fifteen aircraft in September 1998 which enabled the Wing to undertake all ETTF duties without the need for TDY assets from US based units and the ETTF mission was ended on 28 November 1998.

100 ARW supported numerous USAF and NATO operations including Operations Noble Anvil Enduring Freedom Iraqi Freedom Odyssey Dawn Libya Unified Protector Libya and Inherent Resolve against ISIS operations in Africa for AFRICOM 

This patch dates from the 1990s.








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