USAF Patch ANG 186 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 106 4a
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USAF Patch ANG 186 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 106 4a

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USAF Patch ANG 186 Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 106 Delta Dart 1985 Montana Air National Guard Great Falls AFB Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 106mm by 90mm four and three sixteenth inches by three and one half inches.

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Squadron History

The wartime 404 Fighter Squadron was redesignated 186 Fighter Squadron and allotted to the Montana National Guard on 24 May 1946 federal recognised and organized at Gore Field Great Falls Montana on 27 June 1947 was equipped with F 51D Mustangs for tactical and air to air combat assigned to 86 Fighter Wing.

186 FS was federalized and placed on active duty on 1 April 1951 for duty in South Korea and was redesignated 186 Fighter Bomber Squadron on 1 November 1951 tasked to provide fighter bomber training. The Squadron was released from active duty and returned to Montana State control in November 1952 and reformed at Gore Field on 1 January 1953 equipped with the long range F 51H Mustang fighters.

The Squadron received its first jet aircraft the T 33 Shooting Star for training in December 1952. 186 FBS began transitioning to F 86A Sabre day interceptor fighters in early 1953 and was redesignated 186 Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 1 November 1953. 186 FS adopted the Charlie Chicken nickname and insignia in 1953 and retired its last F 51 Mustang in July 1955.

186 FIS was authorized to expand to a group level on 1 July 1955 establishing 120 Fighter Group Air Defense with 186 FIS becoming the 120 FGs flying squadron. The Squadron transitioned to F 94A Starfire all weather fighter interceptor aircraft later in 1955 to enable day and night all weather interception converting to F 89J Scorpion fighter interceptors in 1956. 186 FIS upgraded to F 89H Scorpion interceptors and became part of ADC Runway Alert Program with interceptors committed to a round the clock five minute runway alert QRA in 1958. 186 FIS upgraded to F 89J Scorpion fighters in 1960 and converted to F 102 Delta Dagger supersonic fighter interceptors in 1966.

120 FG was redesignated 120 Fighter Interceptor Group in 1972 and 186 FIS became the first ANG unit to receive F 106 Delta Dart fighter interceptor aircraft to continued air defence for the northern US. The Squadron was the last F 106 ANG unit transitioning to F 16A and F 16B Fighting Falcons in mid 1987 upgrading to F 16 ADV air defence variant fighters in 1991.

186 FIS was redesignated 186 Fighter Squadron on 15 Mar 1992 and under the Expeditionary Air Force concept the Squadron and components were to be designated 123 Expeditionary Fighter Squadron when deployed after June 1996. The Squadron began upgrading to F 16C fighters expanding its role to ground attack as well as air defence in 2001 and at the same time Squadron members changed the Squadron name to Vigilantes in reference to the first men in the Montana Territory who organized for the safety and welfare of the people.

On 11 September 2001 the Squadron responded to the terrorist attacks on the east coast with air defense patrols to enhance security on the west coast and subsequently undertook air defence Combat Air Patrols for Operation Noble Eagle the military response for homeland defense.and deployed elements for Operation Enduring Freedom during 2002

Following the Base Realignment and Closure Commission BRAC 186 Fighter Squadron transitioned to F 15C and F 15D Eagle all weather air superiority fighters during 2008 for air defence losing its ground attack role tranfered in from 131 Fighter Wing while transferring its F 16s to 158 Fighter Wing Vermont ANG.

Under the 2010 Total Force Structure Change the Squadron was rerolled for airlift and redesignated 186 Airlift Squadron on 1 March 2014 transferring its F 15 Eagles to 144 Fighter Wing California ANG and receiving C 130H Hercules transport aircraft from 19 Airlift Wing at Little Rock AFB Arkansas.




This patch dates from 1985.









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