USAF Patch ANG 169 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron TACP b
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USAF Patch ANG 169 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron TACP b

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USAF Patch ANG 169 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron 0A 37B Dragonfly Forwad Air Control FAC Raggedyass Militia 1979 Illinois Air National Guard Peoria Airport Embroidered on twill cut edge 99mm three and seven eighth inches diameter.

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169 Tactical Fighter Squadron Illinois Air National Guard at Peoria Airport was redesignated 169 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron and reorganised for FAC Forward Air Control on 16 May 1969 reequipping with Cessna U 3 Blue Canoe aircraft prior to receiving O 2A Super Skymaster aircraft in January 1970. The Squadron was assigned to 182 Tactical Air Support Group tasked with low altitude visual reconnaissance to maintain constant aerial surveillance over a combat area gaining knowledge of its operational terrain detecting change indications of enemy forces with Forward Air Controllers operating in conjunction with ground FAC and ROMAD radio operator maintenance and driver teams.

Squadron personnel provided relief assistance during State active duty following the Canton tornado disaster in July 1975. The Squadron reequipped with OA 37B Dragonfly jet FAC aircraft released from the New York and Maine Air National Guard in 1979. Squadron personnel were called to active duty during the 1991 Gulf War and deployed to United States Central Command Air Forces CENTAF.

The Squadron retired its A 37B Dragonfly aircraft in March 1992 retasked with air defence redesignated 169 Fighter Squadron and reequipped with F 16A and B Fighting Falcon Air Defense Fighter ADF on 15 March 1992.


This patch dates from 1979.








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