USAF Patch ANG 137 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron TACP 0 2 a
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USAF Patch ANG 137 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron TACP 0 2 a

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USAF Patch ANG 137 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron 0 2A Super Skymaster Forwad Air Controller FAC 1969 New York Air National Guard Westchester Airport Embroidered on twill cut edge 99mm three and seven eighth inches diameter.

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137 Military Airlift Squadron New York Air National Guard at Westchester County Airport was redesignated 137 TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron and reorganised for FAC Forward Air Control on 1 May 1969 reequipping with Cessna U 3 prior to receiving O 2A Super Skymaster aircraft. The Squadron was assigned to 105 Tactical Air Support Group tasked with training Forward Air Controllers operating in conjunction with ground FAC and ROMAD radio operator maintenance and driver teams. The Squadron was called to active service on 24 to 26 March 1970 to assist mail delivery during the New York City Postal Strike. The NY ANG ramp at Westchester Airport continued to be the gateway of choice by foreign dignitaries visiting New York.

The Squadron assisting local governmental health agencies in the detection of violations of water and stream pollution laws with observations and photographs taken during training missions. 105 TASG was upgraded to Wing status on 14 June 1975 retaining the Group untill August 1978 when the Group was inactivated and 137 TASS was reassigned directly to 105 Tactical Air Support Wing. 105 TASW reverted to Group status on 1 July 1979 when the Wing organization was transferred to 174 Tactical Fighter Group to accommodate the newly planned and organized A 10 Thunderbolt II Wing.

137 TASS deployed with 105 TASG to Lechfeld AB West Germany in 1981 to observe A 10 Close Air Support and forward air control operations in the NATO USAFE environment including an in depth look at Forward Operating locations and NATO air tasking orders. With Westchester Airport not having the capacity to support a conversion to new aircraft or mission the Group and Squadron relocated to Stewart International Airport in May 1983. The Squadron and Group were retasked to Airlift and redesignated 137 Military Airlift Squadron and 105 Military Airlift Group on 1 May 1984 becoming the first ANG unit to operate the C 5A Galaxy.



This patch dates from 1969.








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