USAF Patch ANG 136 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 4 Phantom
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USAF Patch ANG 136 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 4 Phantom

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USAF Patch ANG 136 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 4 Phantom 1981 New York Air National Guard Niagara Falls Municipal Airport embroidered on twill merrowed edge 90mm three and one half inches diameter.

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Squadron History

The wartime 503 Fighter Squadron was redesignated 136 Fighter Squadron allotted to New York Air National Guard on 24 May 1946 and organized at Niagara Falls Municipal Airport, New York with federal recognition on 8 December 1948 equipped with F 47D Thunderbolt fighter aircraft assigned to 107 Fighter Group for the air defense of Western New York.

136 FS was federalized and placed on active duty on 2 March 1951 reassigned to Maine ANGs 101 Fighter Interceptor Group relocated to Dow AFB Maine and was redesignated 136 Fighter Interceptor Squadron tasked with the air defense of New England. The Squadron relocated from Dow AFB to Grenier AFB New Hampshire on 1 May 1951 moving again to Larson AFB Washington when 101 FIG was transferred to the ADC Western Air Defense Force. 136 FIS was reassigned to 4708 Air Defense Wing based at Selfridge AFB Michigan. 

The Squadron was released from active duty and returned to New York state control on 1 December 1952 reforming at Niagara Falls on 1 January 1953 equipped with the long range F 51H Mustang very long range fighters assigned to 107 Fighter Interceptor Group tasked with air defense of western New York. 136 FIS transitioned to F 94B Starfire two man jet fighter aircraft but experienced manning difficulties because of the long training program required for aircrew radar operators which delayed achieving full readiness.  

107 Fighter Interceptor Group was upgraded to Wing status reorganized and redesignated 107 Air Defense Wing on 1 May 1956 and relocated from Niagara Falls to Hancock Field Syracuse with 136 FIS remaining at Niagara Falls still assigned to the Wing. 

136 FIS transitioned to F 86H Sabre fighters in 1957 and was redesignated 136 Tactical Fighter Squadron with 107 ADW renamed 107 Tactical Fighter Wing on 10 November 1958 and retasked with include high altitude interception air to ground attack and tactical bombing. The Squadron converted to F 100C Super Sabre fighter bombers in 1960 with six deployed to Hickam AFB Hawaii in 1965 for Operation Tropic Lighting I to provide close air support for jungle warfare training of the US Armys 25 Division prior to its combat deployment to South Vietnam. The 136 TFS Super Sabres were flown across the Pacific refuelling twice in flight the first time an ANG unit has performed such a mission. 

136 Tactical Fighter Squadron was federalized on 26 January 1968 following the USS Pueblo crisis initially deploying to Homestead AFB Florida for gunnery and close air ground support training in April 1968 before relocating to Tuy Hoa AB South Vietnam in June 1968 to reinforce 31 Tactical Fighter Wing where it was joined New Mexico ANG 188 TFS. The Squadron conducted combat operations including interdiction strikes visual and photo reconnaissance rescue combat air patrols and suppression of enemy antiaircraft artillery with a number of medals awarded to Squadron personnel including a posthumous New York State Medal of Valor. 136 TFS returned to Niagara Falls in late May 1969 and returned to state control on 11 June 1969.  

136 Tactical Fighter Squadron was redesignated 136 Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 1 June 1971 reequipping with F 101B Voodoo interceptors retasked with air defense and began operating NORAD QRA Alerts in 1972.

The Squadron reequipped with F 4C Phantom II fighters in 1981 returning to NORAD alert status in 1982 upgrading to F 4D Phantom IIs in 1986. The Squadron provided an air defense alert Detachment at Charleston AFB South Carolina in July 1986. Interceptors from the Charleston Detachment regularly monitored Soviet Air Force Tupolev Tu 95 Bear bombers flying down the Atlantic seacoast to and from airfields in Cuba.  

136 FIS deployed to Ramstein AB West Germany in 1986 for Operation Creek Klaxon where the ANG provided rotational deployed Air Defense Alert for just over a year while 86 TFW converted to F 16C and F 16D Fighting Falcons with 86 TFW resumed the Ramstein alert duties on 1 April 1987. The Squadron deployed to Jacksonville ANGB Florida to transition from F 4Ds to F 16 Fighting Falcon air defense fighters in 1990 and was 136 Fighter Squadron on 16 March 1992.  

136 Fighter Squadron reequipped with KC 135R Stratotanker and was redesignated 136 Air Refueling Squadron in March 1994 retasked with aerial refuelling to provide support for worldwide air refuelling well as cargo and passenger transport. Since 1996 the Squadron has deployed elements as part of Air Expeditionary Forces as 136 Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron EARS in support of world contingencies including Operations Strong Resolve 2002 Operation Uphold Democracy, Operation Deny Flight, Operation Decisive Endeavor, Operation Noble Eagle Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Northeast Tanker Task Force. 

36 Air Refueling Squadron reequipped with C 130H2 Hercules transport aircraft and was redesignated 136 Airlift Squadron on 1 July 2008 retasked for tactical airlift assigned to 107 Airlift Wing remaining at Niagara Falls. Expeditionary deployments continued to both Iraq and Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  

The Squadron deployed to New York City and Long Island to assist in recovery operations during Hurricane Sandy in late October 2012 and as part of the recovery effort performed road clearing traffic control removing people from flood stricken areas helping with food and housing.


This patch dates from 1981.









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