USAF Patch ANG 123 FIS Fighter Interceptor Sqn F 4 Phantom a
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USAF Patch ANG 123 FIS Fighter Interceptor Sqn F 4 Phantom a

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USAF Patch ANG 123 Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 4 Phantom II Tactical Fighter 1983 Oregon Air National Guard Portland Airport Velcro Fully embroidered merrowed edge 103mm four and one eighth inches diameter.

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Squadron History

The wartime 35 Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron was redesignated 123 Fighter Squadron Single Engine and allotted to the Oregon Air National Guard on 24 May 1946. The Squadron was organized at Portland Municipal Airport Oregon with federal recognition on 26 June 1946 assigned to 142 Fighter Group and equipped with F 51D Mustang fighters for air defence of the Pacific Northwest.

The Squadron was Federalized and placed on active duty assigned to 325 Fighter Interceptor Wing on 10 February 1951 as a result of the Korean War and remained at Portland. 123 FS reequipped with F 86F Sabre daylight interceptor jet fighter aircraft in June 1952 conducting air interception training missions before being released from active duty and returned to Oregon state control redesignated 123 Fighter Interceptor Squadron and reassigned to 4704 Defense Wing on 1 November 1952 with its personnel and equipment used to form the newly activated 357 FIS.

123 FIS reformed under 142 Fighter Interceptor Group equipped with F 86F Sabres resuming its peacetime mission of the air defense of Oregon. The Squadron transitioned to F 94A Starfire all weather fighter interceptor aircraft in 1955 to enable day and night all weather interception converting to F 89J Scorpion fighter interceptors in 1957. 123 FIS became part of ADC Runway Alert Program with interceptors committed to a round the clock five minute runway alert QRA in July 1958.

The Squadron reequipped with F 102A Delta Dagger interceptors in 1966 followed by F 101B Voodoo fighters in 1972 winning ADCs Weapons Loading Competition and William Tell Air Defense Competition Top Gun with Voodoos in 1976. 123 FIS transitioned to F 4C Phantom II aircraft in 1981 continuing its interceptor mission and converted to F 15A Eagle fighters released from active duty upgrading to F 15C aircraft in 1989.

123 FIS was redesignated 123 Fighter Squadron on 31 March 1992 with 142 FIG becoming 142 Fighter Group. 142 FG was upgraded to Wing status and redesignated 142 Fighter Wing in 1995. Under the Expeditionary Air Force concept the Squadron and components were to be designated 123 Expeditionary Fighter Squadron when deployed after June 1996.

The Squadron deployed element with Wing components as 123 EFS to Turkey for Operation Northern Watch patrolling the UN northern no fly zone and to Panama in support of counter drug missions during 1998 and to Saudi Arabia for Operation Southern Watch in 2000 patrolling the UN southern no fly zone.

On 11 September 2001 the Squadron responded to the terrorist attacks on the east coast with air defense patrols to enhance security on the west coast and subsequently undertook air defence Combat Air Patrols for Operation Noble Eagle the military response for homeland defense.

Squadron personnel provided humanitarian aid in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2004. 123 FS upgraded to F 15C Eagle fighters in 2005 continuing its alert mission. 

This patch dates from 1983.









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