USAF Patch ANG 109 AES Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron b
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USAF Patch ANG 109 AES Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron b

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USAF Patch 109 AES Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Air Evac Examiner 1990s ANG Minnesota Air National Guard Minneapolis Fully embroidered cut edge 84mm by 66mm three and five sixteenth inches by two and five eighth inches.

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109 Aeromedical Evacuation Flight was activated at Minneapolis St. Paul Metropolitan Airport Minnesota assigned to 133 Tactical Airlift Wing in the 1980s to provide medical specialist critical care air transport teams to staff C 130 Hercules aeromedical flights flown by 109 Tactical Airlift Squadron aircrews. The Flight normally deploys a five person critical care air transport team comprising a medical crew director physician a flight nurse a charge medical technician and two aeromedical evacuation technicians. Teams carry out missions ranging from the retrieval of remains to comprehensive inter theater patient movement in flight patient care and aeromedical communications systems management.

Teams undertake intense training on board 109 TAS C 130 Hercules aircraft including experiencing practice remedial procedures and manoeuvres required in the event of flying incidents such as depressurisation that they may have to deal with while providing patient care in the air on deployments in real world situations under adverse conditions.

133 Tactical Airlift Wing was redesignated 133 Airlift Wing with 109 TAS redesigated 109 Airlift Squadron on 16 March 1992.

109 Aeromedical Evacuation Flight was upgraded to Squadron status and redesignated 109 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron in the 1990s. 109 AES Teams have also operated on board civilian aircraft utilised to transport patients to airfields near designated health care facilities.

109 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron has provided specialist teams for flights in support of Operations Noble Eagle following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and as well as US operations in Colorado Illinois New Mexico and Arizona has undertaken missions to Germany Iraq and Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Djibhouti Oman Qatar and Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. In addition 109 AES has provided humanitarian assistance and disaster support including following Hurricane Katrina completing aeromedical missions to and from New Orleans in September 2005.


This patch dates from the 1990s.









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