USAF Patch ANG 101 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron b F 106 a
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USAF Patch ANG 101 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron b F 106 a

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USAF Patch ANG 101 FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 106 Delta Dart 1970s Massachusetts Air National Guard Otis AFB fully embroidered cut edge 75mm by 118mm three inches by four and five eighth inches.

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Following active service in Europe during WWII 101 Fighter Squadron was allotted to Massachusetts Air National Guard on 29 July 1946 and reactivated at Logan Airport Boston Massachusetts on 15 October 1946 assigned to 102 Fighter Group equipped with P 51 Mustang and P 80 Shooting Star aircraft for air defence duties adding P 47 Thunderbolt fighters in 1947. With the intensification of the Cold War the ANG was used to undertake Continental US interception cover with the Squadron federalized and placed on active duty an 1 April 1951 reequipped with F 84B Thunderjet fighters which were recalled and replaced by F 51H Twin Mustang aircraft. The Squadron was redesignated 101 Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 1 November 1951 and was released from active duty and returned to Massachusetts control on 1 November 1952.

101 FIS reequipped with F 94 Starfire fighters in 1954 and converted to F 86H Sabre aircraft in 1958. With increased Cold War tensions in Europe including the construction of the Berlin Wall the Squadron along with the rest of 102 Fighter Interceptor Wing was federalized and placed on active duty on 1 October 1961 and flew its F 86H Sabre fighters across the Atlantic to Phalsbourg AB France at the end of October 1961 to provide air interdiction and close air support to NATO ground forces. The Squadron began regular gunnery training deployments to Wheelus AB Libya and undertook a number of USAF and NATO exercises including a deployment to Leck Air Base West Germany where ground and support crews cross serviced the German Air Force aircraft resident at Leck exchanging  with German crews. 101 FIS with 102 FIW returned to the US in July 1962 leaving a number of personnel who volunteered to remain on active duty who joined the newly activated 480 Tactical Fighter Squadron at Phalsbourg AB. The Squadron was released from active duty and returned to Massachusetts control at Logan Airport on 31 August 1962.

101 FIS reequipped with F 84B and F 84F Thunderstreak fighter bombers in 1964 and relocated to Otis AFB Cape Cod in 1968 to provide Quick Reaction Alert QRA air defence. The Squadron was redesignated 101 Tactical Fighter Squadron on 1 June 1969 and transitioned to F 100D Super Sabre fighters in June 1971 before converting to F 106 Delta Dart interceptors and being redesignated 101 Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 28 April 1972. The Squadron undertook its first of many Soviet TU 95 Bear bombers interceptions off Long Island in 1975 with regular escorts of Soviet aircraft to Cuba and provided interception of drug and contraband smuggler ghost aircraft entering US airspace. The Squadron established a QRA detachment as Detachment 1 at Loring AFB in 1986.

101 FIS became the first ANG air defense unit to reequip with F 15A and F 15B Eagle fighters beginning its transition in January 1988 resuming standing QRA alert at Otis AFB and Det 1 at Loring AFB in April 1988.

The Squadron commenced regular deployments to Panama in 1991 for Operation Coronet Nighthawk drug interdiction and was redesignated 101 Fighter Squadron on 16 March 1993 and relocated its Detachment 1 QRA from Loring AFB to Bangor International Airport later in the year. The Squadron undertook its last Operation Coronet Nighthawk deployment in 1995 and participated in NORAD Exercise Amalgam Warrior 96 1 in 1996. 101 FS deployed elements to Incirlik AB Turkey for Operation Northern Watch enforcing the northern no fly zone over Iraq for six weeks in early 1999 and to Saudi Arabia in autumn 2000 to support Expeditionary operations. The Squadron scrambled two QRA F 15 Eagle fighters following the 11 September 2001 terror attacks on the WTC New York and while it was too late to prevent the initial attack the aircraft established a Combat Air Patrol CAP over the area ten minutes after the second airliner hit to intercept any further attackers. The Squadron mobilized to continue CAPs under Operation Noble Eagle. 101 FS upgraded to F 15C and F 15D aircraft in 2004.

With the ANG reorganization the Squadron undertook its last patrol mission on 24 January 2008 and was retasked to intelligence operations redesignated 101 Intelligence Squadron on 1 April 2008 remaining at Otis AFB and its aircraft moved to 104 Fighter Wing at Barnes AFB. 101 IS became fully operational in 2010.



This patch dates from the 1970s.








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