US Navy Aviation Patch y Blue Angels Demo Squadron FA 18 Hornet
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US Navy Aviation Patch y Blue Angels Demo Squadron FA 18 Hornet

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US Navy Aviation Display Blue Angels Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron Shield Patch 2000s FA 18 Hornets Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 100mm three and fifteen sixteenth inches diameter.

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The Blue Angels team was formed in 1946 at NAS Corpus Christie to provide the US Navy with a flight exhibition team to boost Navy morale demonstrate naval air power and maintain public interest in naval aviation. A team was assembled and trained and its first demonstration before Navy officials took place on 10 May 1946 and was met with enthusiastic approval.

The Naval Flight Exhibition Teams first public performance was at NAS Jacksonville on 15 June 1946 with three F6F 5 Hellcats and a Texan to simulate a Japanese Zero fighter and won its first display trophy. The flight exhibition team named themselves the Blue Angels for a display in Omaha on 21 July 1946 and soon became known worldwide for its spectacular aerobatic manoeuvres.

The team reequipped with F8F 1 Bearcat aircraft on 25 August 1946 and acquired an R4D Sky Train for support transport. The teams Texan was replaced by an F8F 1 Bearcat for the air combat routine. The Blue Angels relocated to NAAS Whiting Field and transitioned to F9F 2 Panther aircraft on 13 July 1949 with the F8F 1 Bearcat Zero relegated to solo aerobatics before the main show. The team relocated to NAAS Whiting Field in autumn 1949 and the Bearcat Zero was lost in a training crash in 1950. The Blue Angels disbanded at the start of the Korean War due to a shortage of pilots and aircraft with the pilots ordered to combat duties forming the core of VF 191 Satans Kittens.

The Blue Angels were reactivated on 25 October 1951 at NAS Corpus Christi Texas and in 1953 upgraded its Sky Train support aircraft for an R 5C Commando. The team relocated to NAS Pensacola at the end of 1954 and reequipped with F9F 8 Cougar.

In Sept 1956 the Blue Angels added a sixth aircraft in the Opposing Solo position upgraded its support aircraft to an R5D Skymaster and gave its first performance outside the US in Toronto Canada.

In January 1957 the team relocated from its winter training facility at NAS El Centro California to NAS Key West Florida and transitioned to F11F 1 Tiger aircraft with the first Six Plane Delta Manoeuvres added for the 1958 season.

In July 1964 the Blue Angels participated in the Aeronaves de Mexico Anniversary Air Show over Mexico City Mexico and in 1965 conducted a Caribbean island tour in followed by a European Tour. The Blue Angels toured Europe again in 1967 and in 1968 the Skymaster transport aircraft was replaced with a C 121J Constellation. The Team reequipped with F 4J Phantom IIs in 1969 and a C 121 Super Constellation for support.

The Blue Angels received their first USMC KC 130F Hercules in 1970 and went on their first South American tour. In 1971 the team conducted its first Far East Tour displaying in Korea Japan Taiwan Guam and the Philippines and in 1973 undertook another European tour including air shows in Tehran Iran England France Spain Turkey Greece and Italy.

In December 1974 the Navy Flight Demonstration Team was reorganized into a Squadron and became the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron and the Blue Angels transitioned to A 4F Skyhawk II aircraft. On 8 November 1986 the Blue Angels completed their 40th anniversary year during ceremonies unveiling their new F/A 18 Hornet aircraft.

In 1992 the Blue Angels conducted their first European tour in 19 years Sweden Finland Romania Bulgaria Italy UK Spain and Russia the first foreign flight demonstration team to perform there. The Blue Angels marked their 60th year of performing in 2006.

As a result of the US Government budget crisis the Blue Angels were grounded for much of the 2013 flying season but Performances resumed in 2014.


This patch dates from the 2000s.









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