US Marine Corps Aviation Fighter VMFA 323 Squadron Patch F4 1965
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US Marine Corps Aviation Fighter VMFA 323 Squadron Patch F4 1965

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US Marine Corps Aviation Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA 323 Death Rattlers Patch 1965 MCAS Cherry Point F 4 Phantom II Embroidered on twill cut edge 140mm by 127mm five and one half inches by five inches.

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Marine Fighter Squadron VMFA 323 Death Rattlers F4U Corsairs began combat operations from the USS Badoeng Strait as part of Marine Aircraft Group MAG 33 at the start of the Korean war in 1950 supporting ground forces in the Battle of Pusan Perimeter Battle of Inchon Battle of Chosin Reservoir the attack on the Sui-ho Dam in June 1952 and almost every other major campaign of the conflict.

The Squadron was redesignated Marine Attack Squadron VMA 323 in June 1952 and left Korea in July 1953. On return to the US VNA 323 reequipped with F9F Panther attack aircraft and then received F9F Cougar the swept wing version of the Panther. In 1956 the Squadron converted to FJ 4 Fury aircraft deployed to the western Pacific in 1957 and flew armed patrols over the Quemoy and Matsu islands to support Chinese nationalist forces.

VMA 323 relocated MCAS El Toro in 1959 and requipped with F8U Crusader attack aircraft and were assigned to the USS Oriskany. In 1964 the squadron returned to MCAS Cherry Point and were redesignated Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA 323 and requipped with F 4 Phantom II fighter aircraft.

The Death Rattlers deployed to Da Nang Air Base Republic of Vietnam on 25 October 1965 and remained in Vietnam until 1969 flying combat sorties from Da Nang and Chu Lai.

On 14 September 1982 VMFA 323 reequipped with FA 18 Hornet fighter attack aircraft. In October 1985 the Squadron deployed aboard the USS Coral Sea CV 43 to the Mediterranean to carry out Freedom of Navigation exercises in international waters and airspace off the coast of Libya. On 15 April 1986 provided SAM suppression and Combat Air Patrol CAP sorties during Operation El Dorado Canyon attack on Libya.

In 1994 1995 1997 1999 and 2001 the Death Rattlers flew missions in support of Operation Southern Watch. On 2 November 2002 VMFA 323 deployed aboard the USS Constellation as part of CVW 2 and switched from Operation Southern Watch to Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting sorties into Baghdad on the first night of the war.


This patch dates from 1965.









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