US Marine Corps Aviation Fighter VMFA 235 Squadron Patch F 4
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US Marine Corps Aviation Fighter VMFA 235 Squadron Patch F 4

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US Marine Corps Aviation Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA 235 Death Angels Patch 1970s F 4 Phantom MCAS Beaufort Deployed WESTPAC Asian made Embroidered on twill cut edge 98mm by 79mm three and seven eighth inches by three and one eighth inches.

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Marine Fighter Squadron VMF 235 Death Angels was recalled to active duty in September 1950 as part of Marine Aircraft Group 15 at MCAS El Toro flying the F4U Corsair. In September 1952 the Squadron with F9F Panther and in March 1954 the Death Angels received the FJ Fury. In 1957 the Squadron relocated to MCAS Beaufort and reequipped with F8U 1 Crusader aircraft. In July 1961 VFM 235 upgraded to F8U 2Ns and carried out training with day carrier qualifications on the USS Forrestal and day and night qualifications aboard the USS Franklin D Roosevelt. In February 1962 the Squadron was redesignated Marine All Weather Fighter Squadron VMF AW 235 and received F8 E Crusaders in 1964.


VMF AW 235 deployed to Vietnam on 1 February 1966 with their F 8E Crusaders and up to 15 November 1966 flew over 6000 combat sorties in support of over 22 major operations. The Death Angels returned to Vietnam on 15 February 1967 until 11 May 1968 and the Squadron returned to MCAS Iwakuni Japan and upgraded to F8 J Crusaders and were the last active duty Crusader Squadron. In September 1968 the Squadron was reduced to zero strength reorganized and redesignated Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA 235. The Squadron transferred to MCAS Kaneohe Bay Hawaii equipped with F 4 Phantom fighters and was established as the principal air arm of the 1 Marine Brigade.


In September 1977 VMFA 235 became the first fixed wing squadron to deploy for a  six month UDP rotation to the Western Pacific under the Unit Deployment Program UDP flying their F 4 Phantoms to Kadena AB Okinawa. Ten years later the squadron deployed to WESTPAC for its sixth rotation over a ten year period and in March 1989 the Squadron relinquished its F 4s and flew the remaining Phantoms to MCAS Cherry Point for disposition.


After months of preparation the Death Angels received F A 18 C Hornets in November 1989.



This patch dates from the 1970s.









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