US Marine Corps Aviation Attack VMA 513 Squadron Det B Patch AV8
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US Marine Corps Aviation Attack VMA 513 Squadron Det B Patch AV8

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US Marine Corps Aviation Marine Attack Squadron VMA 513 Det B 1979 1980 VSTOL Harrier Patch Nightmares 1979 AV 8A Harrier MCAS Iwakuna Japanese made Embroidered on twill cut edge 115mm by 107mm for and one half inches by four and three sixteenth inches.

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Cold War


VMFA 513 Nightmares relinquished their F 4 Phantoms on 30 June 1970 and were recommissioned as cardre awaiting delivery of the first USMC AV 8 Harrier aircraft on 16 April 1971 and redesignated Marine Attack Squadron VMA 513. In July 1974 the Squadron was assigned to 1 Marine Aircraft Wing close air support armed reconnaissance and combat escort and deployed aboard the USS Tripoli LPH 10 for MCAS Iwakuni, with a six aircraft detachment redeploying for a six month Mediterranean cruise aboard the USS Guam LPH 9 in September 1974. In November 1976 VMA 513 returned to the United States and was assigned to Marine Combat Crew Readiness Training Group 10 at MCAS Yuma Arizona. The Squadron left behind a six aircraft detachment at MCAS Iwakuni Japan for Squadron six month rotational detachments. In October 1987 the Squadron upgraded to AV 8B Harrier II aircraft and MCRTG 10 was redesignated Marine Aircraft Group 13.



In February 1991 VMA 513 deployed for operations in Operation Desert Storm employing Harrier IIs in support of the 15 Marine Expeditionary Unit logging 103 combat sorties conducted from forward operating locations with no losses. Throughout the 1990s and early 21st century the squadron continued to support Marine Expeditionary Units aboard ship for normal six month long deployments to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf.




This patch dates from 1979.









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