US Marine Corps Aviation Attack VMA 311 Squadron Patch Asian Md
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US Marine Corps Aviation Attack VMA 311 Squadron Patch Asian Md

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US Marine Corps Aviation Marine Attack Squadron VMA 311 Tomcats Patch 1970s A 4 Skyhawk Asian made Fully embroidered cut edge 124mm by 105mm four and seven eighth inches four and one eighth inches.

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Marine Fighter Squadron VMF 311 equipped with F9F Panther fighters in October 1949 and November 1950 deployed to Yokusuka airfield in Japan before moving to Korea on 7 December 1950. VMF-311 was the first land based Marine jet squadron to be used in combat providing close air support for the Marines and Soldiers on the ground. In June 1952 the Squadron amassed 18851 combat sorties participated in the attack on the Sui-ho Dam and pioneered strip alert tactics still used today. Following the armistice VMF 311 continued to fly training missions to maintain readiness.


In early 1957 the Squadron received the F9F 8 Cougar fighter and began to be referred to as the Tomcats. On 1 June 1957 the Tomcats were redesignated Marine Attack Squadron VMA 311. In the summer of 1958 VMA 311 reequipped with A 4 D2 Skyhawks upgrading to A 4Es in mid 1963 and to A 4Es in March 1965 and moved to Japan.  


In May 1965 VMA 311 deployed to Chu Lai in the Republic of Vietnam and conducted their first combat mission on 2 June 1965. In August 1965 the Tomcats supported the 7th Marine Regiment in Operation Starlite the first major American operation of the war. From 5 to 8 May 1968 the Squadron undertook 240 attack missions in support marines during the Battle of Khe Sahn. The Squadron flew the last Marine Corps sorties out of Chu Lai on 11 September 1970. In May 1972 VMA 311 again deployed to Vietnam with MAG 12 Forward at Bien Hoa Vietnam with their final sortie undertaken on 29 January 1973. VMA 311 flew 54625 combat sorties and dropped and 105000 tons of ordnance in support of operations in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia.


The Squadron moved to Iwakuni Japan and in June 1988 relocated to MCAS Yuma along with other MAG 13 Squadrons in preparation for its transition to AV 8B Harrier aircraft. On 11 August 1990 VMA 311 deployed to King Abdulaziz Naval Base Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield. On 17 January 1991 while in support of Operation Desert Storm the Squadron became the first to utilize the AV 8B in combat when Harriers destroyed an Iraqi artillery position in support of the Battle of Khafji and flew 1017 combat missions and delivering 840 tons of ordnance against enemy targets throughout Kuwait and Southern Iraq.




This patch dates from the 1970s.









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