US Army Aviation Co Patch 8 Avn Company Patch 1958 Germany
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US Army Aviation Co Patch 8 Avn Company Patch 1958 Germany

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US Army Aviation Patch 8 Avn Co Company Patch 1958 Bad Kreuznach Germany fully embroidered cut edge 43mm by 165mm one and eleven sixteenth inches by six and one half inches.

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8 Aviation Company was activated on 1 August 1957 at Goppingen Germany to provide 8 Infantry Division with airborne capabilities of mobility command control communications observation and target acquisition and a limited capability to airlift troops and provide medical evacuation. The Company moved to Bad Kreuznach Army Air Field Germany in November 1957 and operated from five airfields including Coleman Barracks Mannheim and Hoppstätten

8 Avn Co flew H-13E Bell H-13 Sioux light helicopters H19 Chickasaw - the US Armys first true transport helicopter H-34A Choctaw utility and VIP transport helicopters which could carry 12 to 16 troops or eight stretcher cases in the MedEvac role and if configured for VIP transport carried
fewer people in significantly greater comfort UH-1 Huey medical evacuation and utility helicopter together with Cessna L-19 O-1 Bird Dog fixed
wing liaison and observation aircraft - the first all-metal fixed-wing aircraft ordered by the US Army since 1947 and the L 20 Beaver fixed wing utility aircraft which replaced the Cessnas.

The nerve centre of the 8h Avn Co was the Operations Section which dealt with all flight requests and flight scheduling in order that 8 Division maximised utilization of its aircraft and to ensure pilots were provided with the continuous training required to keep them fully proficient in
the many varied tactical flying missions including wire laying paradrop methods short field take-off and landing and armed helicopter techniques.

The Direct Support Platoon provided aviation support to ground commanders in forward positions to assist in accomplishing their mission and included an artillery flight to support 8 Division artillery units with conduct of fire and battlefield observation missions which was based at DivArty airfield for greater flexibility and responsiveness with close coordination with the DivArty commander.

General Support Platoon provided command liaison courier and utility capabilities. Consisting of fixed and rotary wing tactical support flights the general support platoon was able to take the commander any place at any time. In addition the general support platoon contained a utility and transport section provided limited resupply and insertion of patrols on long range probing missions.

Aerial Surveillance Platoon provided combat surveillance capability and combat intelligence to the battlefield commander and included a Drone surveillance system capable of penetrating deep into enemy territory and bringing back vital intelligence information.

Service Platoon located at Hoppstätten Airfield provided the Aviation Company with organizational maintenance parts and other aircraft services to maintain a high availability of aircraft required for the many missions flown by the companys aircraft.

In April 1963 8 Aviation Company was de-activated at Bad Kreuznach re-organized and activated as 8 Aviation Battalion at Finthen Army Airfield Germany.


This patch dates from 1958.










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