US Army Aviation Co Patch 48 Avn Company Motor Pool Vietnam
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US Army Aviation Co Patch 48 Avn Company Motor Pool Vietnam

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US Army Aviation Patch 48 Avn Co Company Motor Pool Grease Monkey 1960s Vietnam Embroidered on twill cut edge 85mm by 98mm three and seven sixteenth inches by three and thirteen sixteenth inches.

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48 Aviation Company was activated at Fort Benning on 5 July 1965 and was deployed to Phan Rang Vietnam on 26 November 1965 assigned to 10 Combat Aviation Battalion in II Corps Tactical Zone. 48 Avn Co was redesignated 48 Assault Helicopter Company Blue Stars on 1 January 1966 tasked with providing Airmobile Light support for 1 Brigade 101 Airborne Division. The Company operated with 1 Flight Platoon Dancing Snoopys and Slickhounds 2 Flight Platoon Wild Deuces and the 3 Platoon Jokers with gunships to provide armed cover for combat assaults. 

The Company relocated to Ninh Hoa in late 1966 the as the assault helicopter company in support of the 9 Korean White Horse Division. 48 AHC was reassigned to 11 Combat Aviation Group CAG and moved to Dong Ha in I Corps Tactical Zone in January 1971 to support Lam Son 719 incursion into Laos which continued into April 1971. 

48 AHC remained supporting ARVN and Special Forces advisors in I Corps Tactical Zone and was one of the last AHCs to leave Vietnam in August 1972. 

48 Aviation Company was reactivated in Katterbach Germany In August 1972 on the redesignation of 349 Aviation Company equipped with UH 1H Huey helicopters and was assigned to 223 Aviation Battalion.48 AHC moved to Echterdingen Army Airfield Stuttgart in September 1975 and was the first Army Aviation unit in Europe to reequip with UH 60A Blackhawk helicopters in 1982. 

In October 1984 the Company reassigned to 11 Avn Bn 12 Avn Gp and relocated to Wiesbaden Air Base. 48 Avn Co deployed on a secret mission to Cyprus In 1986 to provide an air bridge for the US Embassy in Beirut Lebanon with elements operating the Beirut Air Bridge until July 1998. The Company was redesignated C Company 7 158 Aviation Regiment in 1987 which took part in operations in Europe and the middle East including Saudia Arabia Kosovo Albania Iraq  and Afghanistan.




This patch dates from the 1960s.










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