US Army Aviation Bn Patch 11 Avn Battalion Red Dog S 4 Vietnam
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US Army Aviation Bn Patch 11 Avn Battalion Red Dog S 4 Vietnam

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US Army Aviation Bn Patch 11 Avn Battalion Combat Red Dog S 4 Section 1960s Vietnam Hand embroidered on twill folded edge 100mm four inches diameter.

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11 Combat Aviation Battalion was activated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 11 Combat Aviation Battalion on 23 August 1965 at Fort Benning Georgia from assets of the 11 Air Assault Division Test which had been inactivated on its redesignated as 1 Cavalry Division Air Mobile on 1 July 1965. 11 CAB was tasked with tactical air movement of troops supplies and equipment in a combat zone using numbered Aviation Companies rather than its own lettered Companies. The Battalion call sign Red Dog deployed to Phu Loi Vietnam in October 1965 controlling 116 Hornets 128 Tomahawks 147 Hillclimbers 162 Vultures and 173 Robin Hoods Air Mobile Light Companies and 178 Boxcars Medium Air Mobile Light Company with CH 47 Chinook helicopters. 11 CAB included a dedicated Pathfinder unit 11 Pathfinder Detachment Jolly Roger Buccaneers which assessed landing zones LZs landed ahead of the main force marking LZs controlled aircraft medevacs resupply points and slingloads in combat areas.

11 Combat Aviation Battalion provided support primarily to the Vietnamese infantry ARVN the US 1 Infantry and 101 Airborne Divisions in the III Corps Tactical Zone. 147 Air Mobile Light Company was reassigned to 222 Combat Aviation Battalion with 116 Air Mobile Light Company was reassigned to 269 CAB in March 1967 and was renamed 116 Assault Helicopter Company as where the remaining Air Mobile Light Companies. The Medium Air Mobile Light Companies were retitled Assault Support Helicopter Companies. 

11 Cab was assigned 213 Assault Support Helicopter Company Blackcats with CH 47 Chinook helicopters from the US in February 1967 and 184 Reconnaissance Airplane Company Non Stop equipped with O 1 Bird Dog fixed wing airplanes for observation in March 1967. 178 ASHC boxcars was transferred to Task Force Oregon in April 1967 and the Battalion was assigned 205 Assault Support Helicopter Company  Geronimos equipped with CH 47 Chinook helicopters from the US in May 1967. 184 Reconnaissance Airplane Company was reassigned to 210 CAB in January 1968 and 162 Assault Helicopter Company was reassigned to 214 CAB and relocated to Dong Tam on 1 November 1968. 11 Cab was inactivated in March 1972.


This patch dates from the 1960s










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