US Army Air Force Patch United States 5 AAF 1942 Australian made
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US Army Air Force Patch United States 5 AAF 1942 Australian made

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US Army Air Force Patch United States 5 AAF 1942 Far East Air Force FEAF Australian made Embroidered on wool cut edge 72mm two and seven eighth inches diameter.

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Fifth Air Force was activated on 5 February 1942 on the redesignation of Far East Air Force FEAF following its evacuation from the Philippines to Australia on 24 December 1941. 5 AAF had most of its combat aircraft based on fields on Java with 19 Bombardment Group and 7 Bombardment Group with B 17 Fortress and LB 30 Liberators carried out missions against the Japanese advance. Following the retreat 5 AAFs surviving personnel and aircraft were detached to other commands and the headquarters remained unmanned for several months with Headquarters Fifth Air Force restaffed at Brisbane Australia on 18 September 1942 equipped with 8 35 and 49 Fighter Groups 3 19 22 38 and 43 Bomb Groups two transport Squadrons and one photographic reconnaissance Squadron.

On 4 November 1942 the 5th Air Force commenced sustained action against the Japanese in Papua New Guinea and with and Royal Australian Air Force provided the aerial spearhead for MacArthurs island hopping campaign. 5 AAF was a key component of the New Guinea campaign 1942 1945. Fifth Air Force engaged the Japanese again in the Philippines campaign 1944 45 as well as in the Battle of Okinawa 1945.

Shortly after World War II ended in August, Fifth Air Force relocated to Irumagawa Air Base Japan about 25 September 1945 as part of the Allied occupation forces. The command remained in Japan until 1 December 1950 performing occupation duties.


This patch dates from 1942.










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