Royal Navy Patch Submarine HMS Conqueror 3 Sub Squadron Faslane
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Royal Navy Patch Submarine HMS Conqueror 3 Sub Squadron Faslane

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Royal Navy Patch Submarine HMS Conqueror 3 Sub Squadron Faslane 1975 Sank Belgrano Falkland Islands War 1982 US made Fully embroidered merrowed edge 127mm five inches diameter.

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HMS Conqueror S48 nickname Conks one of three Churchill class nuclear powered fleet submarines was laid down at Cammell Laird Birkenhead on 5 December 1967 launched 28 August 1969 and commissioned into the Royal Navy 9 November 1971. HMS Conqueror with the other two earlier Churchill class nuclear submarines HMS Churchill and HMS Courageous were designed as a hunter killer to counter the Soviet threat at sea by attacking other ships and submarines and gathering intelligence on Soviet nuclear armed submarine movements. HMS Conqueror was assigned to 3 Submarine Squadron based at HM Naval Base Clyde known as Faslane.

In one Hunter Killer mission in 1972 HMS Conqueror stalked and chased out a Soviet submarine which had been stationed for 6 days 60 miles north west of Donegal under 24 hour surveillance by Royal Air Force Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft operating from RAF Kinloss.

HMS Conqueror undertook combat operations during the Falklands War in 1982 and became the only nuclear powered submarine known to have engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes when she sank the Argentinian Navy cruiser General Belgrano with two Mark 8 torpedoes. On its return to Faslane following the end of the campaign HMS Conqueror flew its Jolly Roger flag with torpedoes added as tradition following a successful sinking.

Conqueror undertook Operation Barmaid in August 1982 a joint British and US forces mission to acquire a Soviet sonar array cable being towed behind a Polish trawler at the edge of Soviet territorial waters using cutters and grabbers affixed to her bow to shear through the tow wire and retrieve the severed array cable without being detected and return it to Faslane.

HMS Conqueror was involved in a collision sinking the Army Sail Training Association yacht Dalriada south of the Mull of Kintyre on 2 July 1988.

HMS Conqueror was decommissioned on 2 August 1990.



This patch dates from 1975.









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