RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 37 Squadron Hawk 65
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RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 37 Squadron Hawk 65

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RSAF Patch Royal Saudi Air Force 37 Squadron Rodeo 2011 Hawk 65 Training 7 Wing King Faisal AB Tabuk 2011 Velcro Embroidered on twill cut edge 91mm by 76mm three and nine sixteenth inches by three inches.

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37 Squadron was activated at Dhahran Air Base in 1987 assigned to 3 Wing equipped with Hawk Mk 65 advanced fast jet training and combat strike aircraft under the Al Yamamah I programme with the UK. The Squadron was primarily tasked with advanced fast jet pilot training fighter weapons and strike attack training Weapon System Operator training with a secondary role of air defence interception and strike attack in the event of hostilities. The Hawk Mk 65 has five hard points for a variety of munitions and a Secapem Towed Target System is used for air to air gunnery practice. With Dhahran tasked with air defence tactical and strategic support the Eastern Province and the oil installations on the Persian Gulf Squadron assets stood a number of alerts up to the end of the Iran Iraq War in September 1988. 

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 Squadron assets undertook operations in support of Saudi and Coalition Forces during Operation Desert Shield and and Operation Desert Storm January March 1991.

The Squadrons emblem was changed in 1992 when RSAF decided to standardise unit logos and to remove the depictions of living creatures on RSAF emblems as not in accordance with Islamic scripture. Whilst Desert Storm successfully ejected the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait and degraded Iraqs military capability 37 Squadron continued support operations through the 1990s with Operation Southern Watch and the No Fly Zone. 

The Hawk Mk 65A aircraft received under the al Yamamah II programme in 1997 were used to form 79 and 88 Squadrons activated at King Feisal Air Academy Al Kharj. 

Dhahran AB was redesignated King Abdullah Aziz Air Base in 1999 when all RSAF air bases were named after members of the Saudi Royal family and RSAF introduced its Wing system to control and support base Squadrons with two wings 3 Wing and 11 Wing established at KAAB Dhahran. The F 15 Squadrons 13 and 92 and Hawk Mk 65 Squadrons 21 and 37 were assigned to 3 Wing and the Tornado Squadrons 7 29 35 66 75 and 83 were assigned to 11 Wing. 

37 Squadron with its sister Hawk equipped 21 and 88 Squadrons at KAAB relocated to King Faisal Air Base KFAB Tabuk between January and March 2000 reassigned to 7 Wing and were joined by 79 Hawk Squadrons relocating from King Feisal Air Academy Al Kharj. 37 Squadron commenced upgrading to Hawk Mk 165 Advanced Jet Trainer AJT aircraft in 2016 with glass cockpits which more closely resemble those of the Typhoon and F 15SA Strike Eagles onto which the RSAFs student pilots will transition.


This patch dates from 2011.


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