RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 32 Squadron KC 130H
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RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 32 Squadron KC 130H

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RSAF Patch Royal Saudi Air Force 32 Squadron KC 130H AAR Air Refuelling Tanker 6 Wing PSAB Al Kharj 2000s Velcro Embroidered on twill cut edge 80mm by 76mm three and one eighth inches by three inches.

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32 Squadron was activated at Al Kharj Air Base in 1974 equipped with KC 130H tanker aircraft to provide RSAF with air to air refuelling capability. The Squadron undertook air to air refuelling missions around the country including supporting RSAF QRA alert operations during the Iran Iraq War 1980 to 1988. The Squadron conducted regular tanker operations supporting RSAF flights throughout Europe and South East Asia.

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 the Squadron undertook tanker operations in support of Saudi and Coalition Forces in Saudi Arabia in support of operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm January March 1991.

The Squadrons emblem was changed in 1992 when RSAF decided to standardise unit logos and to remove the depictions of living creatures on RSAF emblems as not in accordance with Islamic scripture. Whilst Desert Storm successfully ejected the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait and degraded Iraqs military capability 32 Squadron air to air refuelling support operations continued through the 1990s with Operation Southern Watch and the No Fly Zone.

Al Kharj AB was redesignated Prince Sultan Air Base in 1999 when all RSAF air bases were named after members of the Saudi Royal family and RSAF introduced its Wing system to control and support base Squadrons with 6 Wing established at PSAB.

The Squadron continued refuelling operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom the invasion of Iraq from 20 March to 1 May 2003. 32 Squadron has deployed assets to Europe in support of exercises including Green Flag.

The Squadron supported the campaign against the Houthi insurgency in north Yemen from November 2009 and the campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria from 2014 and with other Arab coalition assets supported the strikes in Yemen on commencing 26 March 2015 as Operation Decisive Storm the Saudi Arabian led intervention in Yemen in support of Government forces against Houthi and rebel insurgents continuing during 2016. The Squadron added two KC 130J tanker aircraft to its fleet in March 2016.

This patch dates from the 2000s


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