RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 29 Squadron Tornado
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RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force b 29 Squadron Tornado

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RSAF Patch Royal Saudi Air Force 29 Squadron Fighter Tornado ADV Dhahran Air Base 1990 Velcro Fully Embroidered merrowed edge 101mm by 77mm four inches by three inches.

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29 Squadron was activated at King Abdullah Aziz AB Dhahran in February 1989 equipped with Tornado F 3 ADV fighter aircraft under the al Yamamah programme with the UK. 

Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 the Squadron undertook combat air patrols along the border with Kuwait and Iraq to counter Iraqs threatened attacks on Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. Combat operations continued during Operation Desert Storm commencing January 1991 with shared CAPs with British Tornado F 3 and USAF F 15C aircraft.  

The Squadrons emblem was changed in 1992 when RSAF decided to standardise unit logos and to remove the depictions of living creatures on RSAF emblems as not in accordance with Islamic scripture. Whilst Desert Storm successfully and degraded Iraqs military capability Coalition Air Forces and RSAF border operations continued from Dhahran AB during the 1990s with Operation Southern Watch and the No Fly Zone.  

Dhahran AB was redesignated King Abdullah Aziz Air Base in 1999 when all RSAF air bases were named after members of the Saudi Royal family and RSAF introduced its Wing system to control and support base Squadrons with two wings 3 Wing and 11 Wing established at King Abdullah Aziz Air Base Dhahran. The F 15 Squadrons 13 and 92 and Hawk Mk 65 Squadrons 21 and 37 were assigned to 3 Wing and the Tornado Squadrons 7 29 35 66 75 and 83 were assigned to 11 Wing.  

The Squadron continued Combat Air Patrols during Operation Iraqi Freedom the invasion of Iraq from 20 March to 1 May 2003. 29 Squadron has disbanded in 2006 with its Tornado ADV aircraft returned to Bae UK in 2007 as part of the contract to purchase Typhoon aircraft and is scheduled to be reactivated equipped with the newly ordered F 15SA Strike Eagle aircraft. 

This patch dates from 1990.


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