RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force 9 Squadron Strikemaster
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RSAF Patch da Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force 9 Squadron Strikemaster

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RSAF Patch Saudi Arabia Royal Saudi Air Force 9 Squadron Crest Strikemaster Advanced Flying Training And Ground Attack Counter Insurgency COIN 1968 British made Embroidered applique on wool cut edge paper back 148mm by 103mm five and thirteen sixteenth inches by four and one sixteenth inches.

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9 Squadron was activated at Al Kharj Air Base in 1968 equipped with BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk 80 jet basic flying training and light attack counter insurgency COIN aircraft under the Magic Carpet programme with the UK. The Squadron was assigned to the King Faisal Air Academy at Riyadh Air Base primarily tasked with basic and fighter lead in jet pilot training fighter weapons and strike attack training for cadets who had completed their initial flying training with 8 Squadron with Cessna 172 aircraft. 9 Squadron undertook training courses at Riyadh Air Base as well as Al Kharj AB. The Squadron with its Strikemasters had a secondary role of strike attack and counter insurgency COIN in the event of hostilities. The Strikemaster Mk 80 had an uprated engine a strengthened airframe and wing hard points for a variety of munitions.

King Faisal Air Academy combined officer training with flying training in one course with the course undertaking in English as much of the equipment is from the US and the UK. English language training flying theory ground school and Officer Cadet Training was carried out at KFAA headquarters at King Khaled Air Base Riyadh with elementary basic and advanced fighter lead in flying training was undertaken at Al Kharj Air Base with 8 9 and 11 Squadrons before selection for fast jet multi engine or rotary wing advanced flying training.

The Squadron received a number of upgraded Strikemaster Mk 80A in the early 1970s and transitioned to PC 9 turboprop trainers commencing in 1985 provided by Bae under the Al Yamamah II programme continuing with KFAA pilot training with the RSAF making the first order for the PC 9 and receiving the first production run. 9 Squadrons secondary strike attack and counter insurgency COIN role was reassigned to the Hawk Mk 65 Squadrons activated in 1987 and was joined by 22 Squadron activated at Al Kharj with PC 9 aircraft following 11 Squadrons transition to Hawk Mk 65 aircraft in 1987.

The Squadron emblem was changed in 1992 when RSAF decided to standardise unit logos and to remove the depictions of living creatures on RSAF emblems as not in accordance with Islamic scripture.

Al Kharj AB was redesignated Prince Sultan Air Base PSAB Al Kharj in 1999 when all RSAF air bases were named after members of the Saudi Royal family and RSAF introduced its Wing system to control and support base Squadrons and although 6 Wing was established at Prince Sultan Air Base 9 Squadron remained assigned to King Faisal Air Academy at King Khaled Air Base Riyadh.

9 Squadron commenced upgrading to PC 21 advanced trainer aircraft to provide basic advanced and fighter lead in training for pilots and weapon systems officers in June 2014.

With contracts for British aircraft equipment and training and the use of ex Royal Air Force pilots and personnel in the 1950s and 1960s Squadrons adopted unit flying suit patches based on RAF crest design with a central logo within a frame indented each side for the Squadron number and with a motto in scroll below and a Royal crown above. Crest patches were mainly manufactured in Britain with a number made by US manufacturers. With the contracts for US aircraft and training USAF style circular and shield shaped patches with new logos replaced crest patches in the mid 1970s and early 1980s with new unit patches provided by US aircraft manufacturers particularly for F 15 Squadrons. Patches changed again in the early 1990s when RSAF decided to standardise unit logos and to replace depictions of living creatures on RSAF emblems with stylised designs.

This patch dates from 1968


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