RSAF Patch Radar Royal Saudi Air Force Peace Shield Air Defence
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RSAF Patch Radar Royal Saudi Air Force Peace Shield Air Defence

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RSAF Patch Royal Saudi Air Force Peace Shield Air Defence Radar Warning System 1996 Embroidered on twill cut edge 82mm by 78mm three and three sixteenth inches by three inches.

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Peace Shield became operational in 1996 and is an integrated nationwide air defence command and control and communications system developed for the Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF linking the networks of the Royal Saudi Land Forces RSLF the Royal Saudi Naval Forces RSNF and the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force RSADF. Central command is executed from Riyadh while sectors are controlled from Dhahran Raif Tabuk Khamis Mushait and
AI Kharj.

The Peace Shield system comprises remote controlled air ground radio communications sites data from 10 AWACS ground entry stations 17 Lockheed Martin AN FPS 117 long range phased array 3 dimensional air search radar 6 Northrop Grumman AN TPS 43 portable 3 dimensional tactical air search radar the Raytheon Improved HAWK air defence missile system and the Raytheon MIM 104 Patriot air defence missile system. 

This patch dates from 1996.


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