RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 336 Skv F 5 NATO Tiger Cla
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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 336 Skv F 5 NATO Tiger Cla

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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 336 Skv Squadron Skvadron F 5 Freedom Fighter Claw Flying Suit Patch NATO Tiger Squadron 1990s Rygge Air Base Embroidered on twill merrowed edge.

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336 Skv Squadron were activated at Gardermoen AB in July 1949 equipped with Vampire fighters on the separation and renaming of 331 Skvs Vampire Flight. 336 Skvadron replaced its Vampire aircraft with F 84 Thunderjet fighters in 1953. The Squadron relocated to Rygge Air Station in 1958 and reequipped with F 86F Sabre jet fighters. 

336 Skv was the first RNoAF Squadron to reequip with the F 5 Freedom Fighter as fighter bombers at Rygge AB receiving its first aircraft in 1965 with the official handover ceremony taking place on 22 March 1966. The Squadron immediately started long range training flights including one Northrop F 5B visiting Beauvechain AB Belgium on 26 June 1966. 

In 1977 336 Skv joined the NATO Tiger Club participating in NATO Tiger Meets from June 1978 at Kleine Brogel AB. 336 SKV Squadron took over the Operational Converion Unit role from 718 Squadron in 1983 and although due to convert to F 16s in 1983 under plans to relocate all F 5s to 338 SKV at Orland AB all RNoAFs remaining F 5s were transferred to 336 Squadron during 1984.  

Changes in aircrafts avionics and a Service Life Extension Programme to Norways F 5s between 1984 and 1987 modified the Squadrons role from fighter bomber to limited air defence and Electronic Warfare training. Following further F 5 Program for Avionics and Weapon Systems PAWS upgrades during 1993 94 introduced the Suppression of Enemy Air Defence SEAD role for the Squadron. 

NATO exercises continued during the 1990s and 336 Skv won the most fancy paint scheme at the 1997 NATO Tiger Meet at RAF Fairford. 336 Skv attended its last NATO Tiger Meet in 1998 at Lechfeld AB Germany before the Squadrons disbandment following defence reviews on 30 June 2000. The remaining F 5s were transferred to the Eye of Tiger project and Norways Tiger Squadron mantle was handed over to 338 Skv Squadron F 16s.

This patch dates from the 1990s.

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