RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 335 Skv Squadron Falcon EW
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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 335 Skv Squadron Falcon EW

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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 335 Skv Squadron B Wing Electronic Warefare Falcon 20 EW FIS Patch 1970s Gardermoen AB Uniform removed emb on twill 90mm three and nine sixteenth inches diameter. 

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335 SKV Squadron was activated on 15august 1946 at Gardermoen Air Station as a transport unit with Lodestar aircraft and other assets from 20 Transport Squadron created in May 1945 at RAF Leuchars from the war time Stockholm Route relocating to Fornebu Airport in June 1945 and 21 and 22 Transport Flights which had both been activated in Northern Norway with abandoned German Ju 52s before being inactivated in
November 1945.

335 Skvadron continued its transport and VIP role and its primary task from 1947 was air transport for Norways Germany Brigade Tysklandsbrigaden occupation force until withdrawn in 1953. The Squadron established a training and communications Flight in 1948 with two Oxford Fly and two PT 26 Cornell aircraft known unofficially as B Flight. In 1950 The Squadron received ten C 47 Dakota aircraft under a military
aid scheme from the US. The Lodestars were sold to civilian operators in Sweden and Finland. In 1956 the Squadron received eight C 119 Flying Boxcars and six of the Squadrons C 47 Dakotas were transferred to the Royal Danish Air Force. One of 335 Skvs for remaining Dakotas was modified for calibration of TACAN equipment while the rest were used for passenger transport and VIP Royal duties.

In July 1957 the Squadron officially activated B Wing equipped with two DHC-3 Otter two Noorduyn Norseman and two SAAB Safir aircraft together with the Squadrons four remaining C 47 Dakotas. In 1963 the calibration C 47 was upgraded for Electronic Warfare tasks.

335 Skv relinquished their C 119 Flying Boxcars in 1969 reequipping with six C 130 H Hercules transport aircraft. With NATOS focus on Electronic Warfare 335 Squadrons B Wing received two DA 20 Falcons in 1972 modified for Electronic Warfare which became operational in 1973. The C 47 Dakotas were phased out in 1974. In 1979 an additional DA 20 Falcon joined B Wing for VIP Transport and Flight Inspection Service FIS flights. In 1995 B Wing was separated from 335 Squadron to form the reactivated 717 Skv Squadron Electronic Warfare at Rygge AB.

335 Squadron received its first C 130 J Hercules replacement transport aircraft in November 2008.


This patch dates from the 1970s.





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