RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 42 Squadron Crest EB
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RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 42 Squadron Crest EB

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RNZAF Patch 42 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force Crest Patch Queens Crown 1976 Dakota RNZAF Station Ohakea Applique embroidered on felt cut edge 126mm by 94mm five inches by three and three quarter inches.

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Following WWII service in New Zealand providing communication services 42 Squadron RNZAF was disbanded at RNZAF Station Ohakea in 1946 although its aircraft continued to operate at the base. 42 Squadron quickly reformed at Ohakea equipped with a variety of aircraft including Harvard IIB and III trainers Auster Oxford Devon C 1 and Dakota transports Avenger and P 51 Mustang fighters with a variety of tasking including VIP transport Antarctic support pilot training and gunnery training including drogue and banner target towing for RNZAF air to air gunnery and for army and navy anti aircraft training exercises and manoeuvres with the Mustangs providing high speed towed banner targets for fast RNZAF interceptors.

With its transport aircraft the Squadron gradually changed to provide VIP flights with Dakota DC 3 Otter and Devon aircraft general transport operations around New Zealand and the South Pacific together with responsibility for providing multi engine conversion for pilots and crew with its Oxfords and Devons. 42 Squadrons Dakota aircraft carried Queen Elizabeth around New Zealand during her visit in December 1953 January 1954. The Squadron retired many of its aircraft types in the 1950s and by the late 1950s operated only Dakotas and Devons. 42 Squadrons Dakota fleet was enlarged to six aircraft in the mid 1960s.

The Squadron retired its six Dakota aircraft fleet in 1977 and replaced them with four Andover C Mk1 twin engine transports two in full VIP configuration one semi converted and one remained in utility configuration.

42 Sqn relocated to RNZAF Station Whenuapai in 1984 moving from Ohakea to make room for the newly reformed 2 Squadron with their new Skyhawk aircraft. On its arrival at Whenuapai the Squadron absorbed ten Andovers from 1 Squadron which was being disbanded.

The Squadron provided a single Andover detachment to Tehran in 1988 in support of the United Nations Iran Iraq Military Observer Group UNIIMOG with the rotational deployment continuing until December 1990. Three 42 Squadron Andovers deployed to Mogadishu Somalia on 1 January 1993 to support the United States led Unified Task Force UNTAF providing air transport support operations for the force until the Detachment returned in May 1993.

The Squadron retired four Andovers in January 1997 with the remainder withdrawn in June 1998 replaced by five leased Beech King Air B200 aircraft to continue multi engine conversion and continuation training of pilots and a limited VIP transport role around New Zealand. 42 Squadron relocated back to Ohakea in January 2002.



This patch dates from 1976.



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