RCAF Patch Wing Royal Canadian Air Force 15 Escadre Moose Jaw
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RCAF Patch Wing Royal Canadian Air Force 15 Escadre Moose Jaw

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RCAF Patch 15 Wing Escadre Royal Canadian Air Force Crest Patch Queens Crown 1990s CFB Moose Jaw Subdued Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 106mm by 76mm four and three sixteenth inches by three inches.

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15 Wing was established on 1 April 1993 when the Canadian Forces Air Command adopted the Wing concept and CFB Moose Jaw was redesignated 15 Wing Moose Jaw. The Wing continued CFB Moose Jaws long history of training tasks with responsible for 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School The Big 2 15 Air Traffic Control Squadron and 431 Air Demonstration Squadron the world famous Canadian Forces Snowbirds military air demonstration team.

15 Wing Moose Jaw underwent a major change in 2000 when it commenced the NATO Flying Training in Canada NFTC program with the establishment of the NATO Flying Training Centre to train international military pilot trainees from around the globe. 15 Wing Moose Jaw focuses on people leadership innovation and cutting edge technology to uphold itself as an international Centre of Excellence for military pilot training. 

This patch dates from 1990s.

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